MayDay, Vicky have to say GoodBye

  1. Hello!

    I love this forum so much and I have spent many hours a day around this forum.


    When I go to the forum it made me want more new bag !!:sad: My last bag will be a denim patchwork or a denim baggy PM ( which you were kindly voted for it)

    I have spent too much on 2 months recently for bags and accessories:

    A Bottega Veneta bag in Pink for 910 GB pounds.
    An Azur Speedy 25 for 300 GB pounds.
    A Mini Lin for 345 GB pounds.
    A French Azur wallet for 260 GB pounds.
    A Azur Billfold for valentine's day for 205 GB pounds.
    A Chanel baby Cabas in white for 960 GB pounds (As I saw it on Chanel Forum)
    An Azur cles for 74 GB pounds ( As I saw John's Suhali cles and I want one :sweatdrop: )

    Together it is over 3,000 GB pounds now in 2 months :wtf: OMG!! That's too much money for me and somehow I want my money back !! :push:

    If I will be around the forum, I might have some problems :lol: as I cannot control my passions.

    OK.....I have to say Bye now and I will be back again in the nearly future :crybaby: .
    Hope someone will remember me :kiss:

    Thank you very much for all your kind answer to my threads and great choice+recommendation. PF is such a wonderful community :flowers:

    Thank you MAYDAY for all your kind answer to my threads in this Dior Forum. At least, I can remember your name ....ha ha ha
  2. :crybaby::sad: I understand what you mean. Joining this forum has increased my bag collection like crazy (and other accessories), and I've had to sell quite a few of my older bags to make up for it. I'm pretty sure that most of us on this forum are in a similar situation. There were a few times last December when I contemplated saying goodbye to TPF come the New Year, but I didn't have the willpower to stop buying (nor the willpower to stop looking at everyone's beautiful collections).

    You're very welcome for the help! Everyone here (at least on the Dior side because that's where I hang out) is an angel, and I feel privileged to be part of this wonderful community.:heart:

    Once you're ready to spend on tons of bags again (or even just on one new bag), please come back!!! (and of course we won't forget you):smile:
  3. I know this thread was not posted to me; but, I wanted to share that I do understand - look at my join date and then look at my lapse in posting.

    It can be hard to control our passions and our spending - I hope that you can find balance and be happy with the purchases you do have, i.e. not resent them.

    Hope to see you around when you are ready!! :flowers: