Maybelline stiletto mascara

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  1. I liked the commerical a lot. The idea of having a patent look to my eyelashes is a little weird tho, but I still want to try it.
  2. I though about CL too! I want to try this! I guess your lashes are going to look super black & super shiny!
  3. I can't wait to read some reviews of this! I still haven't found anything better than diorshow, but i'm open to new suggestions... either drugstore OR sephora, you never know which will be better!
  4. I'm in love with Voluminious by Maybelline.. so fantastic.. makes my lashes a mile high.
  5. I laughed when I watched the commercial because I thought to myself "Stilettos don't make MY legs look like that!"
  6. I actually have this mascara on and I really like it , the brush grabs onto you lashes very nicely and you can build the volume , and my lashes stay really soft , i know some mascara gets hard and brittle on the lashes but this one keeps them nice and soft , however I do not notice my lashes being super shiny , but they do look more glossy than they normally do
  7. i have this! i bought it because of the packaging and it reminded me of CL heels :smile: great reason to buy something, huh? haha
    anyway, i'm not a big fan of this mascara... the brush is really odd and the mascara itself is scented which i think is weird :sad: and it flakes and makes my lashes stiff. i really wanted to like it though.

    EDIT: i forgot to add, i don't think it makes my lashes look any more shiny than they do regularly. i don't know how i'd feel about having "patent lashes" anyway though!! might look a little weird haha.
  8. Um, even after your bad review I have to still buy it, lol
    just for the packaging!
  9. I guess everyone has different eyelashes. Maybelline mascaras never work on me. :shrugs: Everyone swears by their Great Lash mascara and i think it completely sucks (for my eyelashes, anyway.). There are other better drugstore brand mascaras, like Max Factor
  10. I think the Great Lash Mascara sucks too , I put it on and it looks as if I did nothing to my lashes
  11. max factor volume couture is the best mascara ive ever used. :heart:
  12. I saw this marked down to $5 today at Target but still didn't buy it. I have about 3 other mascaras waiting for me to try. I don't really like Maybelline either.
  13. I bought this (I'm sure because the commericial got me) but it don't care for it. It doesn't grab my lashes like the Define A Lash does.