Maybelline - Eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner

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  1. I love love love :heart::heart::heart: this gel liner. I've been using the mac gel liner for the past 2 yrs but this product has won me over in one night! With the mac gel liner I've always felt that it doesnt last and smudges way too easily on my asian eyes...50% of the time I come home with racoon eyes.

    I used this liner for the first time tonight and it lasted thru dinner and a few hours at a bar without even one smudge! I came home to find that my eyeliner is still as perfect as when I left the house, which is AMAZING. And this product comes with a brush!!!! All for $8.49. I dont remember how much the mac liners are...$18? plus u gotta buy ur own brush, which is another $25? It is a must buy!
  2. Oh I'm glad someone posted about this! I saw an ad in a magazine about it today and I was considering trying it. Normally I'm a pencil eyeliner girl because gels are so expensive, so this seemed pretty appealing. I'm definitely going out tomorrow and getting some, thanks ! :smile:
  3. Does anyone know if this is like the Smashbox gel eyeliner? I was wanting to try this one, but after a horrible experience with the L'Oreal gel eyeliners, I was skeptical. I'd LOVE to not be paying $22 for the SB only to have it dry out after a while. Thanks!
  4. ^haha it's funny that you asked this today...I just tried the Smashbox one at Sephora because I forgot to take my own makeup with me to put on after going to the gym. I just checked my eyes and they're starting to smear (I put it on like four hours ago). The Maybelline one has been lasting me all day long :smile:
  5. Ths maybelline eyeliner is the best gel liner I've come across so far. I've tried them all, literally. I have asian eyes so after a few hours, along with oily lids, my eyeliner always smears and I start to look like a racoon. This is the one eyeliner that stays put thru the day, the nite, even vegas - and that is an amazing feat.
  6. ^^^I've been looking at the smashbox one for a few days now and was planing on going to town later to get it! thanks ladies you've saved me some money!! I'll be getting this later instead!
  7. Thanks OP. I'm definitely going to run out and get this. I'm at the bottom of my MAC gel liner and it's starting to dry out. I notice that MAC does tend to smear and leave semi raccoon eyes, especially after a night out but it's been the best out of all the gel liners I've tried so far.
  8. This is the only eyeliner I've found that doesn't smear at allllll when I work out! I try to take off my makeup before the gym, but I haven't had time this week. After I'm done running, I look in the mirror and it still looks perfect :biggrin: Gosh I love this stuff!
  9. i got this in plum and marked it on my hand, and it's been there for a day with washing! i still have a faint mark... it definitely lasts.
  10. I purchased the plum gel liner as well and really like it. I usually use bobbi brown'a versions, but wanted to try to this line as it is more afforadble. The only thing I noticed is that it is not as pigmented as bobbi's. I have to apply a little bit more if I want a darker effect.
  11. ^thats what I like about it! I have the black one, and normal black eyeliners look too dramatic on me to wear during the day. But with this one, I can apply it lightly during the day and apply it darker at night :smile:
  12. i love this too!! i bought the charcoal color..i'm asian and cannot speak for oily eyes because mine are not too bad. i wore them for the first day to work yesterday and it didn't even smudge one bit even after heading to the gym after work!

    that's more than 10 hours!
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