Maybelline Baby Lips

  1. It really depends on the person and how it works for them. I love the quenched and ditched my c.o. bigelow for it. Not all products work on everyone. ;)
  2. They give a nice shiny glow on your lips. Chapstick does not do that.
  3. I really love the red one and the pink one when layered with the peach. These go on so smooth, although due to the sunscreen in them, they do dry my lips out. Regardless, I'm addicted.
  4. I love these! I am constantly dehydrated and play the flute and these seem moisturizing enough for even me. :smile:
  5. I have the red and the baby pink. The red has more of a sheer, buildable color while the pink is much more opaque and almost chalkier? The red suits my skin tone well and I keep it in my purse for everyday use. I put on the pink every night before bed, it gives a good protective layer and lasts until the morning.
  6. I am going to try!
  7. Shame you can't get these in the UK. Will have a look on eBay!