Maybe too early - but has anyone heard of the spring 2008 colors for the Mahala?

  1. Just curious - if anyone out there might know of any of the new spring colors that will be coming out. I have just recently acquired a cognac mahala in liquid patent and I LOVE LOVE it! I am already obssessing about my next JC and I think I like the mahala so much that I might want another in a different color. Anyone know?
  2. Oh the cognac color is beautiful! Lucky girl! I'm still reeling from all the $$ I have spent on the fall bags I've bought...:nuts::nuts:
  3. Well thank-you! This is my first Mahala... Maybe it is "new Mom" syndrome and now I want more, but I was just curious. I love this cognac but I am not sure if it is too dark a color to be carrying right now. (I have been anyway because I love it so much, but...) Anyway - I think all of this talk about the electic blue has got me curious and now I am thinking that maybe that would be a really great offset to the cognac that I have. Like a 180 degree turn if you will. But - I also wondered if there was anything that might also grab my eye from the colors that will be coming out for spring, before I get obssessing about a bag I probably won't be able to find! Whew - I do ramble sometimes! :yes:
  4. Never too early to wear your new cognac:tup: I've been wearing my Plum (liquid patent) mahala and my burgundy ring all summer:woohoo::choochoo:
  5. ^ Great! Maybe you can answer another question - I have only had my cognac for about a week or so - do you find that your plum liquid patent is softening with use? I don't feel like it is too stiff, but at the same time I wonder if it will take on a shape that is "mine" with use kwim?
  6. I still find it to be a little stiff, but I think it is more of the construction of the bag with the patent leather. I have the patent leather Riki & Ramona and I find those to be a "tad" stiff also. I also think the leather is much "thicker" and I feel at times like I have a boat anchor inside my bag:sneaky:

    I purchased the burgundy ring bag last month and it is distressed leather and I can not get over how much lighter the bag is and I just transfer the items back and forth between the two, so it's not like I put more crap in my Mahala:confused1: I think our Mahala's have a mind of their own and will keep the shape they want unless you pack it full of stuff on a daily basis. I do keep all the bags stuffed with tissue when not in use to keep their shape and not wrinkle;)
    Hope this helps (but I doubt it really did:nogood: Sorry)
  7. ^ Thanks! I think I might try leaving mine "hang" overnight when I am not using it. I don't mind the bag like it is now, but it would be even better I think if it got a bit more slouchier. (and yes - on tpf slouchier is a word)
  8. you'll have to keep us updated on if the "hanging" helps with the shape any? i'll be getting my plum patent this monday or tuesday at the latest, and personally, i love a good slouchy bag with soft leather. my balenciaga is the perfect leather for that. anyway, i hope that the patent isn't too stiff!
    and btw, congrats on the cognac mahala! sounds gorgeous! i would carry it too no matter the season! :p
  9. Will keep you updated! I love a slochy bag too. Congrats on your plum! Let us know what you think!
  10. I don't know if this is a spring color, probably not, but I just had to share that yesterday I saw one in a greenish color, patent and suede, at the Choo boutique and it was absolutely to die for. I can't afford it but I almost bought it on the spot anyway. Apologies if you all have already seen this but I am still just obsessed with it and had to share. Here's a picture, though the picture does not do it justice.

  11. your pic doesn't show for me.... try again please! :heart: It might be the "bone" liquid patent. From all accounts know one knows why they call it bone, and some have thought it did resemble green.... maybe that is why you saw?
  12. OMG! That is beautiful! Now you all just have to stop posting these pics...DH has said no more handbags until next month in Vegas! (What DH doesn't know won't hurt him...this old thing? I've had it forever!!:sneaky::shrugs::graucho: