Maybe this will catch on?

  1. I've had few high end hotels offer a footstool for my handbag at their restaurants. It was cool. The place that really threw me for a loop was in South Africa.
  2. Considering Alain Ducasse's prices, they should do everything they can to make you and your handbag happy! LOL!
  3. I hope this catches on! In exclusive restaurants here (Budapest) we don't have any service like that which really bugs me.
  4. I like that:smile:
  5. :biggrin: I love this abbyroad!!!!

    Too bad here in Oregon nobody cares about things like that :crybaby: at least not here in Corvallis. I always ask for an extra chair if they seat DH and I at a 2 chair table...or if we're in a booth that makes me feel better :sweatdrop:
  6. NICE! Thanks for sharing AbbyRoad!

    I was at the Woodbury Commons in NY (discount outlets) and the Italian restaurant there offered a co-shopper a stool for ther Gucci bag! I couldn't believe was not a high-end restaurant at all (and we were eating outside). Pretty impressive! :tup:

    I am with you Candace...Noboday in my neck of the woods would care about my 'purse' I always ask for a booth or seating for 4 (oops, they aren't coming, sorry! :graucho:).
  7. ^^^ funnily enough abby and i ate at that restaurant sunday. LOL
  8. That's awesome. The only time I've ever experienced a separate stool for my bag was in Paris.
  9. That would be so great, a place to set your bag to!
  10. WOW! What a coincidence! Hope you both had a good time shopping! Did they give you a stool for your bags?

    Need to get back up there, but it's a haul for me.
  11. ^^Preppy, the woodbury commons is my usual stomping grounds. I practically live there!
    I was recently at Mario's restaurant in the meatpacking district (I forget the name now...) with a chanel and they brought me over a little stool with velour top for my handbag. I was in heaven!
  12. did you get any good deals? I was going to go on Sunday too but had lots of errands to do with the girls.
  13. The had those at the Plaza Athenee in Paris as well. It was the cutest thing ever. I have having breakfast with a friend and the waiter whips out the little table-thing for my kelly:heart:
  14. I'd go anywhere, as long as Kelly is happy!