Maybe this is why LV is so expensive...

  1. Reading through all of these wonderful threads, it seems like alot of people take back items, when they are new and after they have used them for a while, because there is a little problem with it...
    I don't want this to sound rude or offend anyone,:sweatdrop: but maybe the prices are so high because so many people return bags and accessories... When you see alot of pictures with what looks like wear and tare and then they say LV replaced it... It also seems like alot of people take things back when the alignment is slightly off... I know we pay alot for LV items, but if people are returning things on a regular basis, just think how many LV's have to be destroyed because we want a perfect purse... I don't want to sound like I am lecturing but just think of the wasted time, material and money to make an item and then someone returns it b/c it is slightly unaligned or it started to wear in a week, you return it, and they destroy it and throw it out... This has been on my mind for a while and I just wanted to get it out there... What do you all think about this???:confused1:

    LIKE I SAID, I DON"T MEAN TO OFFEND ANYONE AND I AM NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE... I think this is just a point that alot of people don't think about when they are returning something!:smile: HOPE NO ONE TAKES THIS AS BEING RUDE!!!:smile: :sweatdrop:
  2. LV is that expensive because ppl are willing to pay these prices...
  3. ^^That is one reason I thought of before also. :shrugs:
  4. ^^^^ yeh totally agree, and as well i think we pay for the heritage and how they are made. Not because people take them back.
  5. Of course, we pay for the name, quality and history, but I am guessing this is a LARGE cost for LV!!
  6. LV is expensive in the first place since it's in the luxury category. I think people return or exchange for various reasons. They may affect price increases to make allowances for returns, etc. but most stores take back merchandise, too, and most of them are not in this price range.
  7. We are technically paying for the bags we buy and the bags that are destroyed because they do not meet our standards. So yeah, it's a cost too. I think however that advertiizing is a bigger cost for LV.
  8. they accept returns if the merchadise is good for resale. Some people dont mind little flaws. they dont always destroy it and people pay for quality and its history.
  9. Sometimes I think LV is actually more reasonably priced than some other high-end designers. Most high-end designers nowadays are hard pressed to put out a bag for under $1000. LV has several options for someone looking to only spend around $500-$800. You can get a lot of great bags in that price range like the Speedy and Batignolles.
  10. It is rare for LV to destroy a bag. That is the last step before they discount the item tremendously and try selling the item to employees.
  11. I thought LV only took bags back if they are in sellable condition?

    But either way, I find most brand with the same marketing budget and brand class are as expensive as LV. LV also spends a LOT of money battling black market.

    Also, other bags may not show wear as much as an LV with Vachetta, so if another brand receives a bag back, they will probably be more likely to be able to resell that bag.
  12. The original poster was referring to defective merchandise under warranty, which I think any high-quality brand will take back.
  13. If you pay for any luxury brand/item it is your right as a consumer to demand perfection IMO. I like nice cars as well and if I purchased my vehicle and drove it for a couple of weeks and say...the color started to melt from the I would take it back....definitely I'd say.

    Likewise, if I purchase a LV bag and it starts to show wear after a couple of weeks I'd be pissed! Certainly because I have less expensive bags that I've had for years (Like Kenneth Cole, Cole Haan,....etc...) and they are not showing wear.

    I like LV because of the QUALITY, history and value. I don't just buy LV because it's 'LV'. If it's an ugly LV or a defective LV...I'm not buying it and/or I'm taking it back.
    Haven't had to take anything back yet however....
  14. ^^ITA :yes:
  15. I doubt that it costs a lot to produce a single item, since a lot of the items have either vachetta trim or a coated canvas. LV is an expensive brand in general, so I don't argue about the way they price (only during price increases). If the bag or peice is slightly defective or "off" by a little, I would encourage everyone to exchange it or return to their satisfaction. We pay so much already for it, so it's imperative that the peice should be PERFECT!!! Just my two cents. :biggrin: