maybe somebody os looking for this bag

  1. GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  2. omg and a great price too......must not BIN, must not...... :noggin:

    thanks goodness they only ship to france :Push:
  3. GET IT, JC!!! It's a great bag!!! I took mine out this past weekend (only mine is black) and got so many compliments on it!!! Some people even asked if it was fake!!!:lol: :roflmfao:
  4. LV_Addict i'm sososossososo jealous you have one :Push: i've never even seen a real in IRL.......i'm always so upset that murakami came out with these AMAZING bags before i developed an interest in LV :sad:, whereas now that i finally have a bag fund i can't really find anything i love enough to buy :rant:
  5. It's a touch bigger than pochette but IMO much cuter!!!:love:
  6. Here is what it looks like on:
  7. of you're inlove with it go for it! That's what makes a bag worth every dollar
  8. LV_Addict you're killing me :noggin: it looks even better on than it does in the photos......i WILL NOT buy more bags :smash:....

    i'm so tempted to go searching for this bag on ebay right now but i'm trying really hard to stop myself.......i've always tried to stay away from the multicolor bags because of rub off issues (i even sold my MC items) but this is jsut sosososo pretty :love: :love: :love:
  9. :devil:
  10. lol......i'm banning myself from this thread....i will not look at this bag again :ninja:.....nope......back to the general discussion forum where i'm safe from temptation :biggrin:
  11. so cute!
  12. Mc colors rub off?
  13. So so cuuuuuuute bag!!! JC, this bag is waiting for you :graucho:
  14. thats a really nice bag.