Maybe same thread name but not same topic. I do this does anyone else do the same??

  1. There is a thread about a mom with 3 kids that have like 50 bags and she uses the bags at home. Just to keep them company.. ANd i wish i did that Here is what i do ? Am i Crazy i hope there is someone out there like this if not im gonna go and shoot my self>:sad: Ok i buy bags and i Love each and every bag i have . I have maybe like 6 and including wallet and cles that i dont use them they are in a closet i look at them everyday but i feel sorry for them , let me explain I dont want to get them dirty (thats why i feel sorry for them) so i want to buy 2 of each sometimes just bc . Is that crazy? Please help. Oh and my friends tell me "think how they feel u dont use them . they want to be used " So please words of wisdom from my Fellow TPF
  2. I understand the whole "I want to buy 2 of each" thing. I am like that sometimes with clothes. Use your bags - they are meant to carry things for you. That is the sole purpose of them. I was anxious about using my speedy and getting her dirty when I first got it but now I use it almost everyday and the more I use her the more relaxed I am about using her.
  3. Haaaa:roflmfao:! I've done that before. I bought a Neo Speedy and was afraid to get it dirty and didn't want it to patina. So I bought one on eBay that was slighly used for less. It made it easier to use the slightly used one. Then I realized my sister needed an LV to replace her fake one so I gave it to her. I've come to grips with using my bags.
  4. You're not crazy. I've had my BH for a year and it is pretty beat up ( I really USE my bags). Every time I open up a picture of someone's new BH I look at mine and wish I kept it in better condition. Ever since the price drop I've been thinking that I should get a new one. I also have a really really beat up petite bucket and rather than spend the money to get it repaired I want to buy a new one of that too.

  5. LV is meant to be used and loved.
    I use all my pieces and am not afraid of it anymore.
    Having them sit in the closet is not going to give me any pleasure!
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I can totally understand. I have a mono speedy 30 and its my favorite bag...I have only used it acouple of times and its still so new and the leather is still light. So I just keep it in the dust bag and wont use it because I want it to stay perfect. How dumb is that???:nuts:
  7. Where can I find the thread about the mom with the 3 kids? I would love to read that.

  8. Judieh, it is in the lv forum.

    I am cracking up about the 529 plan! Just did one for my you got me thinking!!
  9. Thanks Riley!!!

    Glad you enjoyed my 529 joke :p
  10. I really USE my bags, most of them Koobas. I sling them over my shoulder, carry them in the rain, drop them in mud puddles inadvertantly and fill them with all of my stuff. They are happy doing what bags are for, to carry our stuff.

    They are an extention of my hands and arms, carrying my possessions and keeping me organized.

    They live a good life, albeit rough sometimes, but good leather can take it. Besides, like the lines in my face, it gives them character.

    Use them.
  11. i don't have enogh money to even think about buying 2 of each LOL
    i have sooo many eye on a lot of bags, i want to have one of each and wear them as much as i can.
  12. I really use my bags too. I gave up trying to keep a pristine, but unused, collection. What's the point?
  13. I read the original thread. Basically I think what she was saying is that she has 3 young children and doesn't get out much, so she "uses" her bag inside the house.

    I have 2 toddlers myself. Personally, I would go insane if I were to stay home all day- I could not do it. Also, I would go insane if I were worried about keeping my bags perfect. Life is too short to worry about your bag being pretty. But that's just me :smile:
  14. I use and love my handbags every day. What's the worst thing that can finally "dies" and you have to buy a new one?
  15. We all have our addictions and guilty pleasures - some love jewelry, cars, clothes etc... and most of us love bags that's why we're here. There are some who want their bags pristine while others don't care at all and there are some who are in between.

    I'd say I'm in the in-between category. I buy bags because I like them and so I use them depending on my mood, outfit or what I need to do for the day.

    It would be too pricey to keep 2 of each. So I say an unloved/unused bag is a waste. Why buy an expensive bag if you dont/can't use it??

    I see you have mostly LV bags. Have you tried checking the FAQs on leather care at the LV forum?