Maybe my First Balenciaga! Please help

  1. I love beautiful leather and have only owned Koobas, Guccis, and LV's. However I am always in the Kooba threads and hear about the great balenciaga leather from time to time and I do admire that City style alot (i love big bags!).

    So if I should invest in a great Balenciaga purse, which one should I get? The City or maybe some other style? Anythoughts are welcome! :nuts:
  2. do u like mediium or big bags?
  3. I bought my first balenciaga in 2005. A black first that I don't wear a lot because I find it too small. Then a few months ago(thanks to this forum) I fell in love with balenciaga all over again. I've gotten 2 works and 2 city bags. But after trying all of the sizes, I gotta tell you: the city is the best if you need an everyday bag. The size is great, not too small, not too big, just right!!!
  4. The city! Like Shoelover said, it's the perfect size bag. The hard part will be deciding what color to get...
  5. I personally prefer "First" cos i dun carry much.. But if u carry more buy the city like the above ladies mentioned.. MORE MORE than the Work.. MORE MORE MOST than the weekender.. Hahhaa.. LOts of choose..
  6. You mentioned you like big bags, sooo... The City would be a great bag, excellent size, big enough, not huge though. Seems to be the most universally popular style. If you don't want a strap, the Work size might be a good option. It is larger than the city, but the same basic shape! The Twiggy (My Fav) is a great style, but longer and shorter than the city. Holds as much, though. A bigger twiggy can be found in the Part Time. (Both the Twiggy and the Part Time have straps, the PT strap is slightly longer than the others. Look through the thread "photos of you wearing your bag, pictures only." HTH and good luck!
  7. I vote for the City too. Its a nice size without being heavy at all!
  8. another vote for City here... its a great "first" Bbag! then you can slowly build your collection from there!
  9. I think that the City is a good compromise, whatever bag size comes into fashion. Neither tiny nor huge. Can be used in lots of different contexts. Easy to carry over the shoulder with either the handles or the strap. Not over heavy even with GH.
  10. CITY ! For a first Bbag it is perfect! Then you can buy others styles :biggrin:
  11. I think the giant city will be the winner, now only if I can choose the perfect color, thanks for all the wise feedback! Also, I know the answer is probably no. But is the giant city a totally unappropriate purse for a corporate work environment? I love the purse anyway but would like to know if i can bring it to work with me and show off that beauty!
  12. City! It's the perfect classic first B-bag! Then go for the Work since you like larger bags.
  13. If you end up getting the GH city, IMO it would actually work better for a corporate work environment, since it doesn't have tassels! I personally carry my RH city at work, but I don't have clients very often... I think you know your company/clients best, so I cannot help with that question... sorry...