Maybe my 1st Fendi-Advice please.

  1. I am mostly a LV gal but I was in Nordstroms the other day and walked by the Fendi area and became smitten.
    I have been looking for a small bag that I can carry when I go out. The problem is it needs to fit a larger size wallet and Blackberry phone. I spotted a small fendi bag called the Signature Fendi Satchel in Tobacco. It was adorable. Had sort of a purple trim and I was told its the lucco pattern. The bag is adorable and can fit both items and more. The perfect size!

    I then spotted a Fendi Coated Canvas Shopper. I am out of town on business and forgot to bring my LV Neverfull and thought that this might be a great alterative. It actually matches the Small bag I described above.

    Both bags retail for 650.00 each which I thought wasn't bad. I am looking for things I can throw in a suitcase when I travel. Any thoughts....

  2. Do you have any pics?
  3. no sorry...the coated canvas bag is on eluxury.
  4. I'm also not totally sure which bags you are talking about--you might try checking some other sites and giving us some links so we can help
  5. I know the 2nd one you're talking about because I was considering it. [​IMG] $650. Don't know about the first one. I like this bag a lot and it would be perfect for me to take to college (books etc) but I'm not comfortable wearing all that zucca (the FF's). I think this would be a great deal for you though since you have a neverfull.
  6. I am not a fan of the Fendi totes in general. This is cos of the strap, they are so narrow and are only supported over such a small area on the bag.
  7. Not a huge fan. Too many Fs.
  8. I like that one. Normally I'm not a fan of the Zucca, but this one appeals to me because it's different. The darker and glazed nature gives it an attitude that makes it look more fresh.
  9. This one appeals to me despite the zucca too. Now that classes have started and the lack of parking space is causing me to walk for miles in texas heat I'm seriously considering this again or something to carry books in. Will go check it out again and put heavy stuff in it to see how it feels (thanks to thin straps issue pointed out by Kavnadoo). What did you decide handbag*girl?