Maybe I've been doing things wrong?

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  1. I'd like to try on and purchase a Hermes bag in the future - not sure what type, Lindy, Birkin, Kelly, Medor clutch are all at the top of my list right now - but I haven't established a regular SA.

    I've made Hermes purchases all over the place - in Paris, in Italy, in Neiman Marcus, and now in the New York store - and I made that purchase in the watch department and will likely get something else from that same person this fall. So I don't have a regular SA. I'm wondering if perhaps all of my vacation shopping (I love buying something to remember my vacations by) might not have been a good thing to do if I'm hoping to get a popular bag someday. :confused1:

    My bag purchase would likely be some time off so my question is do I continue to have fun and buy on my trips or do I need to establish a relationship with a SA? What if that SA leaves?

    Also, I live in DC and pretty much only shop in the city so that leaves NYC or somewhere in South Florida as a potential store (I actually shop more in those places then outside of DC - don't really like driving to Tyson's).

    I guess I just would like some advice please. :flowers:
  2. Do both, I do. I have fantastic relationships with H SA's all over the place.....

    I love them all.
  3. Have fun shopping and then make sure to wear some of your goodies when you shop. You will likely be fawned over and they may ask you where you "scored" certain pieces.
  4. ^^^
    Ok - I do wear things when I shop - and I definitely got great service when I did.
  5. I use three SAs. One is located in a franchise store so they cannot search national inventory as easily...

    The other two are not franchise and able to search.They can also see what I've bought, so are very helpful since they know I'm a regular customer of the brand. One of them is in Tyson's and I have to say...they are one of the best SAs I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

    Ironically, I found my Kelly by just calling around. 99% of the stores were honest with me as far as what the had in stock (LV, NY, SF...not so good).

    Knowing my preferences, the three stores now call me when they have something unusal or interesting come in...

    So you are doing fine...When you shop around, within the country they can tell what you buy....let me know if you want a recommendation for someone in Tyson's though....
  6. Well, I generally shop in one store. It's a flagship store and a tough nut to crack if you want to get a hard-to-find item. If your store is a flagship store and you want to get a marquee item, you're better off sticking to it. Your loyalty will be rewarded.
  7. I completely agree! I remember this very same advice from HG many moons ago. I adhered and it's only wonderful news after that. And I pass on this good tip to all my friends.
  8. I use one the boutique here. Although, I have ordered from other stores. I just make certain to let my SA know that I purchased while on vacation.
  9. NYC is great. I bounce around the East Coast too, it's close, easily reached, and it's just as easy to shop in NYC even if you live in DC. Sounds odd, but you have a lot of company that way.

    Shop where you want. But make an appearance. Be friendly, introduce yourself, and take the french approach. Manners first. Then do try to make your memorable purchases there! Scarves are fine anywhere, but wear them into the store and beleive me, even if an S.A. leaves, the others HAVE noticed you and WILL pick up where they left off if the first should leave.

    Every single S.A. from the store I frequent the most remembers me because I am friendly as I walk in, acknowledge everyone with a hello, smile, or polite nod, and when I ask for my S.A., they are quick to go say so. No grumbles, or resentment because I asked for someone else. They probably DO have a reward system but not commision. I have NEVER seen them be catty over a sale or try to get credit. Mine even says to have someone else help me if I don't see someone I know around!

    Good luck. You'll find what you want, I beleive in accruing good H Karma ;)
  10. I shop all over the place (Not that I have bought much compared to the ladies on board) because I too usually buy Hermes Items while I travel usually for special occasions. I've have one bad experience at the Las Vegas boutique last year but I know it wasn't me since other people have been complaining about the SA being weird. Other than that no matter which Hermes boutique I go into I deal with the sweetest SA.

    Before I moved to Houston, lived in VA and went to Tysons Hermes several times. It was there that I was offered 2 different Birkins on 2 different visits.... and I turned them down..:crybaby::crybaby: I looked in the mirror and I looked like I was holding someone else's bag... I wanted to cry

    My first visit to the Houston Hermes several months ago I offered a 40 orange Birkin with Gold HW(Not sure which leather) too big and heavy :sad:

    So.... from my experience, No you don't have to only shop at one store. Just be your charming self and I think the SA can pick up on what kind of Hermes customer you are..
  11. Joanna: I had similar good luck at Tysons a couple of summers ago! I bought my first Birkin there. It was on hold for someone who had ordered it (a bi-color), and my SA, on my fist visit, said that if the orderer didn't pay for it by noon the next day, it was mine! And so it was.... :yahoo::yahoo:By the way, yours has to be one of the cutest, sweetest avatars ever!!!!!:yes:
  12. ^^ Same for me too!
    Both Birkins at Tysons Hermes was on hold for someone else and since it was near closing my SA said I could purchase it if I wanted to..

    (Now I'm wondering if they just say that about all Birkins!!)

    Thanks! I think your doggy is very very cute too ~~
    That's Old English Sheep Dog, Pita, aka (Pita bread)
    Still a 9 month old rambunctious puppy who can't get enough romping!!!
  13. One thing I want to add, by sticking to one store and focusing your energy (and, er, finances) on it, you get the fringe benefits. IOW, invites to events, invites to parties, you get first shot at the new items (even before the public gets to see it), and you can be put high on the list when lists are made available for a new bag or item (because your SA knows you well enough to know your likes and dislikes and won't worry if you change your mind later).
  14. Thanks for all the great advice! I'm going to PM you Quinn's Mom about your kind offer. I haven't been spending that much at Hermes - yet - but keep your fingers crossed for me ladies I'm planning a major career move!
  15. I have found Tysons to be a great H location. The SA I have there is very nice. PM me if you want another option from Quinn's Mom.