Maybe it's time to think....

  1. I have seen so many posts about bad LV services and how unprofessional their SAs are. I think it's time for us to think, and for LV to think and value their customer's feedbacks. I am not a hothead customer; I buy several bags every year. I usually don't buy a bag just because it's so hot and everyone wants it. I believe most of you guys are regular LV customers too. We all like the products, quality and designs. We pay fairly amount of money into their market; however, some of us didn't get what they should get, sometimes even basic manner (rude language, postures, facial expressions...). No matter what, LV increases the prices once a year, and most of us still don't mind (even we are not happy about it), but we still buy their products. Now so what, all we get are rude manners, bad and unprofessional services. I didn't mean all SAs are like these, I have known some of them are really good, and have class.
    I know that some of SAs complain that wealthy customers treated them bad, made SAs feel that rich people are better than them, but what about normal people? Some SAs treat normal people like "look, they don't have the money to buy a bag here...."

    My personal experiences:
    1\ a SA greet a customer in a super loud sound (almost like shouting), the whole store can hear her, I mean louder than she need to. After all, I think that particular customer must be a rich one. Clearly, she kiss his A## too much.... it made other in-store customers very uncomfortable. Is it really necessary?
    2\ My DH and I were in store to pick up a bag. There was a couple in store for almost 20 mins (they got there before us), and they were looking and talking to each other. It seems like they are new to LV and want to get a LV for the lady (she carried a Coach with her). Before we leave the store, I noticed they are still there, and no one ask them do they need any help or so....

    It's pathetic. I mean don't LV human resources interview and pick their SAs? They did a bad job. Some of the SAs are so unprofessional. I hate to see that so many of us love LV and didn't get what we should deserve. Wake up LV, otherwise, you are going to lose your customers!!!!

    Sorry for long long post and rants...
  2. have you thought about writing your feelings and experiences down and sending them to LV
    Nobody can fix a problem if they don't know there is a problem
  3. The only way I have solved the problem with rude SA's and bad customer service is to avoid that particular LV store. If the service were really bad, I would have a tendency to talk to the manager. For the money we pay, yes, we deserve good customer service all the time! I have been lucky that I have 4 LV's in my area and one in particular gives outstanding service so that's where I take my business.
  4. No, actually I never think to send them a letter. That may help. I post it here because I thought some of our TPFers may have this feeling too, or maybe just me, :sweatdrop:

  5. Lucky you! You could choose which one to go. I believe all of us; especially females, we just try to avoid a store when the services are bad. But I think the main point is they need to change.


  6. absolutely I'm sure there is
  7. I know that some of SAs complain that wealthy customers treated them bad, made SAs feel that rich people are better than them, but what about normal people? Some SAs treat normal people like "look, they don't have the money to buy a bag here...."

    i agree!!!

    my story...(Gucci)-_-

    1...i go to Gucci for my first Gucci wallet...i'm 18...
    i'm here for a wallet?...
    "ye...they're here...(pointing) which one are you looking for"
    a bi fold...
    "ye...what bi fold..."
    can you show me all the bi folds?
    "(sigh...shaking head...frowning...) here"
    do you have any other designs?
    "what we have here is what we have here"
    o...k...i' this one...
    the box is little...the bag is little...and it's suddenly raining baddd
    can i have a bigger bag to put the little bag in?
    "a BIGGER BAG??? (has the what!@#$% face...shaking her head TO ME...rolling her eyes...sighing...LOUDLY...)

    i walk out...go home...can't stop thinking about the !@#$...go back the next day...
    return the wallet...from a GG a GG fabric...(the F wasn't there...) and asked for the manager...a woman said the manager isn't i told her to tell the manager...

    THE NEXT WEEK??? the !@#$ wasn't asked..."do you know where Sar-h is?"
    "oh...she doesn't work anymore..."
    i was like...:heart::heart::heart:the beach is gone!!!

    BUT??? there's two GUCCI Sydney...and i go to the other one...
    and guess what...? SHE'S THERE WORKING...i was like...:cursing:but still...the boutique i go to is the bigger one...

    lol so far...louis vuitton is good to me...
  8. I've never had a rude SA. I live in Kentucky and go to the closest store to me which is in Nashville, Tennesse at the Green Hills mall. After we got home from Paris last summer (where my parents bought me a keepall) my parents took me to Nashville to have my luggage tag stamped. When I went in the store, it was nearly empty, and i was approached my a mid 30's salesman. He was extremely nice, helpful and attentive. He called me the next week to say it was ready. We came in and he gave it to me and we looked around etc. I have never ever had rude service. I think its all about the way you approach them. I'm 14 and i think the SA's thought it was cute/funny that a kid my age was intersted in LV. They always laugh and joke with me. Since then Tyson (my SA) have become friends, he knows me by name and always says hi. I have never and dont think i will ever have a problem with their service etc. I LoVe LV! :yes:
  9. OOOH I FORGOT MY LV EXP...THE WORST...went to buy the keepall 45...
    "can i have a look at the Keepall 45?"
    Yes...strap? or no strap.
    "no strap..."
    "can i carry it on my shoulder?"
    "ok...thank you!"

    and i walked out...i mean...geezz...should have filed a complaint on her...
  10. I have to say I have the best SA's that i could wish for, I have absolutely no complaints about any of the LV stores that I shop in.
  11. I've never thought too hard about SAs, unless they're extremely rude. People in general are rude. Customers always complain about service when they themselves are jerks. I've been on both sides, having been in retail management, and as an Administrative Assistant. Somehow the public holds SAs to a higher standard than they hold themselves.
  12. I've never noticed rudeness in any of the stores I've been in...some absentmindedness, yes, but never rudeness.
    I know some people say the BH store has rude SAs but the couple times I've been in there, I've never noticed it.

    Anyway, yup, best way to get your point across is by writing a letter to the manager of the store you deal with. Then if that doesn't work, write a letter to another higher-up. :yes:
  13. ^^^ITA with Rebecca. I would contact the manager via a letter. If you recieve no response I would ask for the contact info of the district manager and I would continue to climb the ladder until somebody addresses your concerns in a manner than satisfies you. I agree you, we all deserve outstanding service and the only way for them to know you are not getting it is to let your voice be heard. You don't have to be mad or angry, just direct and pointed in your approach.
  14. It is possible that the couple with the coach wallet was approach before you came into the store? Sometimes people just want to look around before they make a decision and do not want a SA hovering over them.
  15. I have only been to the boutiques in Vegas a few times. Each time I have received friendly and efficient service. The last time, the first SA did not understand that I was wanting the Priscilla bag, but another SA was able to help me.