Maybe its time to say goodbye to paddy and hello chanel?

  1. I should have posted this in the chloe subforum, but I wanted opinions beyond those of chloe devotees! I have a month old ivory paddy. Never worn beyond the bedroom (to look at it in the mirror). I think twice about taking it out from the dust bag. I love the leather, I love the lock, but can't see myself carrying it! I can still return it and I wanted to get our opinions.
    I have a thing for time-less bags and those that I can wear for years.....I love trends too, but maybe more subtle ones.
    So, in order to finance a black chanel classic flap, I might let the chloe go. I still don't have the heart to do it because its the only bag in my collection that is "different". I am thinking out loud I know, please help me decide.:sad: :sad: :sad:
  2. I think it's time to cut the Paddy loose.
  3. set that paddy free!:yes:
  4. I love the Paddy but seeing things from a bigger perspective.. if you haven't used her since getting her (and it's been a month), plus you're having 2nd thoughts and wanting to get a Chanel, I concur with Angst's and mahbag's opinion. In Big Brother style: "It's time to go, Paddy".
  5. It sounds like you are ready to "let go"...
  6. If you aren't snipping tags and taking her out the first chance you get you should find a new bag IMO, unless you're a die hard collector.
  7. YES TOTALLY!!! It is the only bag I kept the tag on "just in case". Otherwise, I make excuses to go out when I have a new bag so I can carry it. Whats the use of a bag that stays in a dustbag? I am not a collector, I am a pregnant woman with bag cravings!:biggrin:
  8. Cut it loose like the others said! IF the Chloe is sitting in your closet, get a Chanel that you will love and use instead.
  9. That's me, except the pregnant part! LOL! I only nee d a few staple bags and if I am not using them, especially pricey ones, out they go!
  10. Swanky I am reaching this point myself (finally lol). ;) I am in a purging stage right now.

  11. At $1,500, if you don't love it, back it should go.
  12. chanel for sure
  13. I would let go of her now.:yes:
  14. I have never let a bag go, never returned and never sold. I love my bags to death. But then that is why I have a closet full of bags I do not use. I am hurting......hope I won't regret it. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    So, back it goes to Bloomies!

    Thanks for the support ladies, I would not have had the courage without you:smile:
  15. awww, that's sad! Good luck to you! maybe you should have a friend do it so you actually go through w/ it!