"Maybe it's time for an overnight stay" reveal!!!

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  1. Beautiful and all ready for a trip. congrats
  2. gorgeous! congrats, lovely pics too!
  3. Great haul~!! Congrats~!!
  4. Wow, nice haul! Congratulations!
  5. Wow. Love them!
  6. Fabulous pieces that will make you look forward to traveling even more!
  7. great choices - congrats on everything!!
  8. Great haul
    Loving all the pieces
  9. Congrats! I've never seen that Géant bag before, love it!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Very nice pieces! Love that keepall!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous!
  13. Just beautiful, congrats.
  14. Great Haul! i've been thinking about getting some LV luggage but i would need something that is sized to fit in the over head lockers in plains, i've heard too many horror stories about when people check in their LV luggage.
  15. That's the thing! I'm totally agreed!!! I was thinking my next purchase going to be Pegase, but I have to check in that beautiful piece by those people who just throw everything into the cabin! Unless you travel first class, then I think you might be a little bit safer, or your private jet instead. Lol, I think too much. Haha.