Maybe it's not ment to be ...?!

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  1. I'm sad but I'll survive :crybaby: . It's just the third time that I missed out on the the opportunity to get an ink city.
    I'm upset but have started to wonder if it is just not ment to be.
    I really love the color, but maybe I should settle for a marine day or even a black day or city ? :confused1:
  2. I hear ya cat!!!!!!!!!!! I can't seem to ever find what I want either!:sad: I guess we'll just have to be patient! LOL
  3. Cat, you are more than welcome to bid on E. Thomas's Ink City if you want. I don't mind.;)
  4. awww. Your ink is out there, don't give up:yes:
  5. Thanks that's sweet of you (I posted it thinking I would get another one :sad: , but that didn't work out).

    But no, I'll let you have it. I just don't like to bid against somebody as nice as you especially since I know that you really want one!.
    I heard that good things happen to good people so I will try really hard to be a good girl...who knows...

    Maybe marine will be stunning or I might find another one and maybe even in europe and black is still an option...or, or, or....
  6. awww.. *hugs*. I've learned that through patience, staying strong, and a bit of luck.. although there may be many bbag upsets along the way - eventually you'll find that elusive one!
  7. Theirs an Ink First listed on with receipt do not know if this is any good

  8. Thanks Saich2 but I really want a city or a day, the first is too small for me as an everyday bag.
  9. Keep your head up catcat, one will show up sooner than you think.
  10. Cat - hang in there! You will find one! Did your greige arrive? Is it beautiful?
  11. Thanks for your encouragements...nope no greige yet, they ordered it especially for me so the shop should get it any day now.
    I'm growing a little impatient :sweatdrop: , especially since I need to plan a trip to Aix to get it when it comes in.
    I am really looking forward to my first day.:nuts:
    I think it's such a great style.
  12. catcat, don't give up! It will only make it that much sweeter when you finally get your perfect ink city. For something as lovely as an ink city you may have to wait a little longer (and endure more disappointment in the interim), but I have no doubt there is one out there right now with your name on it! good luck, and we will all keep an eye out for you.;)
  13. OMG, Cat- No way, you have to bid on it too. :yes: I am not even so sure that i will win (it all depends on the reserve price). Please please, consider bidding on the bag. If it was meant for me to have it i will and if not then there is another one out there for me.:heart:
  14. Cat, Nanaz and everyone else looking for their Bbags: I hope you get the Bbag of your dreams! I'm sure once the new colors come in people will sell their "old" bags to fund the purchase of new ones. :flowers:
  15. Sorry, posted Elizabeth Thomas' ink for you, didn't quite get the E Thomas reference near the top (a little slow today, lol):shame: