Maybe its me but does anyone still smell.....

  1. This maybe a little crazy, does anyone still smell that scent of new leather as if you just bought it home from the H store. My JPG in Clemence still has that beautiful aroma as if it were new.
  2. I love the smell of my evelyne!!!!
  3. My clemence Bolide is 4 years old and still has *the scent*:tender:

    One day, I had my clemence Kelly sitting next her....when I walked into the room I was overwhelmed with Hermes heavenly clemence scent.
  4. Swift has a gorgeous smell, and it's still strong after 4 months' solid use.....:drool:
  5. YES! My Togo is 2 years old and still smells lovely!!!! I can be found inhaling frequently when I assume no one is watching...
  6. I feel much better now because I still inhale mine sometimes. I wish I couldve had this leather in my car maybe I wouldn't want new one.
  7. yes, my Kelly still smells wonderful
  8. Haha I would love to smell Togo, as somewhere on the board I read that it smelled lovely ^_^

    I sniff my mysore chevre agenda...once or twice a day...:shame:

    hey it's all I've got right now, lol

    and boy does it smell nice :biggrin:
  9. um, i've only had mine for a month or so but i love to stick my head in it and inhale :blush:

    sometimes if it's in the car with me or sitting in front of me i get the scent of it wafting towards me. mmmmmmm epsom :smile:
  10. Yes! If you open the closet I keep my bags in it smells like Clemence...heavenly! And I do sniff my Togo Ulysee often...:shame:
  11. I would wear my Barenia trim as a feedbag over my face if I could! I LOOOOve the smell!!
  12. ^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. Thats funny, as I was coming home on the subway tonight, I did just that, pretending I was looking for something in my bag, but really sticking my nose in to sniff that "new car" smell of my togo kelly bag
  14. It's an addictive luxury.
  15. Yes, I do that with my clemence Evelyne.. She'll be sitting on the table in the entryway and I'll walk by... pick her up... and get a good whiff!! Yum!!