Maybe it's an Herbag that I actually want, afterall!

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  1. Ok, so bear with me. :smile: I haven't posted much, in favor of reading and learning from all of you. :flowers:

    I think I have always gravitated towards the Birkin simply because of it's tendency to be more "floopy", to borrow a word from all of you. I especially loved the leather and toile versions that I have seen.

    I have also always loved the Kelly, but the bag had a little too much structure for my daily lifestyle.


    I saw pictures of the Herbag. :love::yahoo:

    I understand that it's been retired, but I see that there are some on eBay. Does anyone have a trusted source, or know of a good place to look for these? I like the look of the natural canvas and the orange, but also love the black. :drool:

    Sorry, just rambling. If anyone has any personal experience to share, I would love to hear it. Thanks!!!
  2. I LOVE Herbags, and I think they're sorely underrated! LOL!

    Try Luxury Zurich? They occasionally have them in good condition, and are great sellers!
  3. yes I highly recommend trying there!
  4. Take a look at the lindy, too. I was playing with them in Houston and I really liked the bigger one (a 34cm I think - the smaller is a 30cm.) The shape is so unique and I have read a few blogs from owners of multiple birkins who thought they were the most practical of all. I am holding out for an etoupe birkin 35, but if I have a windfall, I would probably spring for a brightly colored lindy for spring, too. They are comparatively well priced and available.

    My issue with the herbag is canvas that gets dirty too easily. One trip through the airport security screener and goodbye hermes....
  5. Another under rated bag is the Picotin- they are just like the Karo's comes in plenty of color combinations small, medium and large. I just love the leathers and a great grab and go everyday handbag. Thats if you don't mind a hand held. I love to put the Hermes Keychain/Charms/Fruits on them.
  6. Talk to Razorbackbelle about her Herbag :smile: It's a lovely little slice of heaven :smile:
  7. With all my bags (most BNIB), I still have my Herbag and won't ever part with it. I love this bag. My 17 yr. old grandaughter wants it and I talked her into another bag. Yes, I have 5 grandaughters who can't wait to be old enough to invade my Hermes stock.
    One (6 yrs. old) said to me, "can I have it when you die"? I told her that would be a long wait. She could have it when her mom said it was all right. I wouldn't dare repeat that to my daughter-in-law, she would be horrified. Girls are something else!
  8. :graucho:



    I love my Herbag. I have the black and white bottoms combo. Highly recommend. eBay is good, and Luxury Zurich. You won't regret it-- and the price is great, especially for two bags in one!

    I do know that Hermes in Troy, MI at Somerset had a Herbag pochette on their shelf... you can occasionally still find them in stores. I recommend the black bottom because it cleans sooooo easily. From what I've been told the toile is also easy to clean but I haven't tried it on mine yet.
  9. Can anyone confirm the type of leather the Herbag uses for its handles? I read somewhere it was barenia but on other posts I found it was VL. I am confused now. I was wondering if the handles will soften over use because they look so stiff in photos? Thanks!
  10. It's Vache Naturelle on mine :tup: And it's a stiff, pressed leather. I don't think the handles will "soften up" over time though the top does become a little easier to open/get into and out of.
  11. oooh, do it! I :heart: my herbag!
  12. ^^You have a Vibrato!!! :drool:
  13. I am still lusting after this bag, no doubt!

    It looks as though I will have little trouble finding one when I am ready, probably next month. :smile:

    Does anyone know if other bottoms can be purchased, without the tops? I want the natural and the black, but also really want an orange. Like, badly!

    Also, I definitely want the non-backpack style. Is that the MM?

    Thanks for the ongoing help and support!!!:flowers:
  14. Unfortunately you can't purchase other bottoms without buying a whole new bag, which sucks, as I'd love a vibrato bottom for mine! And a red, and an orange-- heck at some point I'll probably end up buying the red/orange combo. Mine is not the backpack, I don't think it's called an MM but I'm not sure. HTH :flowers:
  15. I love Herbag. Hermes allow me to purchase the bottom only because my original canvas cannot be cleaned (rubbed against leather jacket).