maybe it's a silly question but..

  1. ...when you buy purse or accessory from a boutique, do you keep the carrier bag and the box (if it's packaged in one) or toss it?

  2. Keep!!!! :heart: Emmy
  3. Absolutely keep them!!! That's what I use for storing my bags when I'm not using them.
  4. I kept my carrier bag for sentimental purposes and also because I love the carrier bags just as much!:love:
  5. I only keep Chanel and Hermes boxes.. all other bags goes in their dustbags!
  6. Sometimes I save my shopping bags if they are really nice and sturdy. I reuse them for other stuff. I do keep my boxes. I especially like those little LV boxes that open like a drawer.
  7. Recycle. I use them when I need to transport something to somewhere or I'm giving something away to someone and they need a bag.
  8. I keep all of my shopping bags and use them for trash, carrying my lunch to work, giving clothes away to charities, etc.
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