Maybe it DID work...

  1. I know that a lot of us were reporting the scammers that were all over eBay last week. Particulalry karyna07, paris*hilton*alive and snoopyisnodog. I know I was reporting their stuff as soon as it was listed.

    The three of them have *nothing* listed right now. :yahoo: Maybe eBay kicked them off? Or told them to stop?

    Maybe it's just coincidence. (Or worst case) they sold so much fake stuff they have to restock?
  2. I wonder if they got kicked off. Selling fake stuff is illegal. Especially with all the designers breathind down eBay's neck, I don't think ebay wants to be liable for anyone else selling fake stuff on their site. I heard in Italy if you get caught with a fake bag, they fine you $2000!
  3. Hopefully they were kicked off, but it also seems to come in waves. Enjoy the rest while you can....
  4. The other day I saw a fake tokidoki didn't have the multi-colored zippers..but it said it was "DESIGNER INSPIRED"...not claiming to be real. Heh. It's funny spotting fakes.
  5. I just now noticed that that Sparkle girl bought something from Paris*Hilton*alive. It had to be a fake because that is all she sold. As many tokidoki bags as this Sparkle girl has, it's a shame she couldn't tell apart the fakes by now. Anyways, if ebay finds them selling fakes, aren't they supposed to be deleted? Their accounts?
  6. I heard if they aren't representing it as AUTHENTIC...then it's OK for them to sell it, as long as they're stating it's not REAL REAL...
  7. really? I thought that was copyright infringement...

    "Counterfeits, unauthorized replicas, unauthorized items (such as counterfeit watches, handbags, or other accessories) or unauthorized copies (such as copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television programs, or photographs) are not permitted on eBay. Unauthorized copies include (but are not limited to) copies that are pirated, duplicated, backed-up or bootlegged. It is illegal to sell unauthorized copies of media.

    Guideline: If the product you are selling bears the name or logo of a company, but it wasn't made or endorsed by that company, don't list it on eBay.
  8. ^Well, i guess that would be right. Whoever told me what I said is wrong...heh. Either way, I wouldn't buy a fake one haha.
  9. wow that is interesting, I didnt think she would buy a fake?? guess she didnt know?:shrugs:
  10. Unless they are working together to increase their feedback or something? Maybe sparkle girl wants to buy it to sell later?:nuts:
  11. idk? she hasnt sold a thing? maybe she has a store in her area and sells them there :confused1:
  12. sigh. I guess it was too much to hope for.

    Reported AGAIN.
  13. Reported too! The qee is even getting better and better, no more smooshed qee!