Maybe im Wrong. But LV has more resale Value?

  1. Hey guys i was thinking i own more LV's than anyother bag. But i have owned Gucci and Chanel never Dior not a great fan. But when it comes to reselling Ive noticed that LV always sells well and the other designer bags not so good. And also LV never is on sale and others are. Why Is that ? And do u agree that LV is more of an investment Just like Rolex. Sorry if theres a thread like this. I was just wondering and see what u guys thought. .......:shrugs:
  2. I consider LV having a great resale value, but it depends on what you get and the demand of that particular item. For example, the retail of the mono petit noe is a little more than the batignolles horizontal, but the batignolles horizontal's resale value is considerably greater than the petit noe. Damier items hold their resale value better than monogram, but I'm thinking it has to do with the fact that they age better than monogram and they aren't as common on eBay.

    A lot of discontinued/vintage LV items don't hold their value as well as items that are still in production.

    Why LV doesn't go onsale? Beats me. Just to prolong the exclusivity of the luxury products.

    Actually, I thought that Chanel holds value better than LV? :confused1: I wouldn't know...I don't own chanel. :shame:
  3. bernz you are so right about particular LV styles selling better on eBay despite having a lower retail value. The trocadero for example retails for 900 US dollars and a little more I think, but on eBay, not worth more than 300 or so, just highly unpopular. But a mono speedy that is in mint condition will graze it's retail value. I agree on damier pieces selling better overall, but not the petit bucket, terrible resale on a marais for some reason, they go dirt cheap on ebay, go figure, I love that bag, good for me I guess as I'll get it used one day.
  4. Gucci, Fendi and burberry terrible resale value, you really lose on those bags unfortunately.
  5. LV has great does Balenciaga & Hermes.
    Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Burberry have horrible resale. Could be because they go on sale ALOT! Whereas LV doesn't...and Balenciaga it is because the colors become so hard to find after a season.
  6. I think it depends heavily on the item with LV, a miroir is an example of something with a high resale value.
  7. Especially when you can get those brands on sale too. Yeah, if it's not a popular item from LV it would get a pretty low resale value.
  8. The resale value is one reason why I buy almost all Louis Vuitton products - you don't feel as bad. :idea:
  9. ^ Same here!
  10. I think they do cos the styles are classics and they increase the prices every year ;)
  11. Yeah One Day When I Sell All My Lv Limited Editions I Will Be One Rich Lady.
  12. Absolutely. It depends on whether you can actually get a buyer for the bags though.
  13. yep- Gucci, Dior, and Fendi all have terrible resale. Hermes isn't that great either unless you have a Birkin or desirable Kelly, mostly because they're sooo expensive to begin with. LV mono generally holds up the best.
  14. I have noticed on ebay that vernis and damier lines resell well bc they are not as common as mono. But a mono speedy even worn to death will still sell.
    And epi for some reasons doesn´t sell on high prices
  15. *waves hello, popping into the LV forum*

    I've found Chloe to have pretty bad resale value too