Maybe I'm the bad person!!

  1. So I went into my LV boutique in Scottsdale today after work. I needed to get the groom Cles!! I needed it..Well, I have heard some really icky stories about LV SA's:tdown:. I normally only work with one person and one person only, but she was not there today. So I got stuck with the guy!! When I walked in he was just standing there, not that I mind, I don't like being rushed. So I started walking around I think I drooled alittle over everything!! So finally I hear a sigh behind me. The SA was there, and he looked at me, "uh, like, could I help you?" with such an attitude. Now most of the horror stories I hear people just put up with rude attitudes. But not me!! I said back in the EXACT same tone, "Actually yes you can, since you know that's your JOB!" and the SA huffed, this snobby sales dude, HUFFED AT ME!! :cursing::cursing::cursing:, I walked over to him, "Look I know you have a busy day staring at yourself in the mirror. But I am the paying customer, and obviously I have enough money to fell "Allowed" in the store so I would think that you would want my business..Since it's me buying something that pays your paycheck!!" I told him I had called and had a yellow groom cles on hold through the regular SA I work with and gave him my name. This little creep, just rolls his eyes and walked into the back, whispering something in the the SA's ear. I pay for my stuff and began to leave. He giggled as I left with his "Co-worker" and I turned, "I know that us rich little snobs coming in and out must drive you crazy. So let me leave you with some advise, next time you feel like your better than your customer..the word SERVICE is in your title!!" And he just stood there with his mouth open!! :wtf:..I feel like that guy purposely tried to be mean!! Am I a bad person for saying something? I feel like I was in the wrong:sad:...
  2. No, I love people with courage and who show self-belief and independence like you did.

    I have seen people been brought down upon by the SAs and you were GREAT to stad up to one! You basically set their feet back on the ground and woke them up into the thing called reality, in which the customers pay and the SA's HELP them.
  3. Seriously you are awesome! That was great, wish I could have seen it!
  4. You did the right thing! We pay tons of money for something that might have cost 1/10th of the retail price at the LV factory and we the consumers deserve a whole lot of respect for even the tiniest item that we purchase!
  5. You are not a bad person. I am a very direct woman and however, I would not have responded as you did. I have yet to find a bad, huffy, rude, condescending SA that couldn't be changed by a pleasant customer. Don't underestimate the power you weild by being friendly and pleasant.
  6. OMG wow !!! you can have some candy for that lol :p
  7. Bravo to you. :tup: He got what he deserved.

  8. ITA with you.
    I work in the hospitality industries and sometimes when I'm having a bad day I can come off as being rude to customers but when I see a customer stay friendly and nice to me even when I was being all grouchy it really makes me happy and I feel a lot better afterwards.
    (One time I was a little rude to this customer wanting a special table, I found them one and although I didn't treat him that well he slipped a $10 into my hand as he was sitting down!! I was so embarassed at the way I acted towards him and at the end of the night I went over to make sure that everything went well)
  9. I don't get it either.
  10. :woohoo: alright!! i just don't get why people work in the cust serv industry when they lack so much of the "service" part! bravo for you!!
  11. I think you did well. Did you get his name? You should write a letter to the store manager and complain about him. It's not like you were coming in and mucking around trying on everything in the store with no intention whatsoever to buy anything!

    Grrr. You go get 'em, tiger! :rant:
  12. What's up with all the LV sales associates sporting attitudes lately?
  13. Good for you for not taking that from him! I don't blame you one bit for standing up for yourself. I live here too and haven't been in the LV store for that reason. I'm afraid to be treated that way. My LV's have been purchased through elux.
  14. BRAVO!!! I love it. He got what he deserved.
  15. Do NOT feel bad because you were NOT the bad person in that situation.

    He was the one with the attitude acting like he ruled the world and you just simply let him know that he doesn't.

    I love how you set him in his place WITHOUT screaming or using any cursing words.

    Awesome job for standing up for yourself ..... very well done and very well said!! :tup: