Maybe I'm crazy

  1. ...but do you guys keep the shopping bags that your coaches come in when you buy them from the store...even the bags are cool I have a collection of those those lol...perhaps I am plain crazy
  2. I keep a few , just in case I need them to do a return. I keep some boutique and outlet bags now because the one time I was doing a boutique return but I had to put the bag in an outlet shopping bag and I was attacked when I walked in the door. First thing they said was, " we can't do outlet returns here!" I guess they judge you by your shopping bag too!

    ETA , omg , I love your little dog's outfit! They look like little doggie uggs!
  3. lol yes I do haha I am bad.. I think they are collectors or something
  4. I totally do that! They look so pretty and I also use them just in case I have a return.
  5. I keep a couple, but I always ask for my items to be gift wrapped so I can keep all the boxes!!!!
  6. Yup, I keep the bags, and I ask for them to be put in boxes to store them as well. The bags are very sturdy - good for when I got to the mall w/my kids and I have to wind up carrying their coats and stuff, I just open it up and put all their stuff in there!
  7. I do that.. I even kept my LV shopping bag thing. :biggrin:
  8. You're not alone, I also collect the shopping bags - particularly the smaller ones. If I get an extra one I use it to tote my lunch items to work, or small items.
  9. Yup, I collect all my shopping bags! I love the Abercrombie & Fitch ones too from this season, they're great! :p

    I know, I'm such a dork.
  10. Yup I always keep the bags and the gift boxes.
  11. Yes, I always keep the bags and the boxes.
  12. Always keep the boxes and a few of the bags.. especially the tattersal ones.. not going anywhere!!!! :p
  13. I keep all the packaging too... I'm trying to convince my fiance that I need display shelves in our closet when we build our house. That way I can look at them every day! :tup:
  14. There is this movement going on right now some people call it "bagvertisement" and companies are making their shopping bags sturdier because they know people will reuse them for bringing their lunches to work and carrying things around. It is interesting. Shopping bags have become the new status symbol, there are many interesting articles about this. FYI And I keep every bag and every thing that came with all of my purchases. Love the tattersall bags !
  15. This is interesting to know. And it makes sense to reuse, better for the environment!