maybe I'm behind but found optic madeline at Lord & Taylor - perfume print at coach

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    so I guess they made these Dept Store exclusives is my hunch.

    I also saw perfume print at my Coach store - swing pack, mini skinny, wallet?? and a top handle pouch like the valentine's print from this year, had white patent leather accents - my DF talked me out of it since I have no use for it really.

    I may go back today to get the scarf and I'll see if I can take some pictures since I can't find it online.
  2. That is so weird - I could have sworn I saw that Madeline at my Coach store during the last PCE, but now it is not on the US website. Did it sell out that fast or something? Usually I do not care for optic but this was cute in person.
  3. The optic madeline I never saw anyone talk about, purchase, etc here - only once before optic was available. Never saw it in store or online besides coach japan. The only version I saw of atleast the style was the hamptons one :shrugs:
  4. I really like the Optic Madeline!
  5. [​IMG]

    Oh my god, that's like the most cutest Madeline ever. Oh, so disappointing that it's no longer available! :cry:
  6. My local Macy's has the Optic Madeline still. I was just there last night.
  7. Ah, maybe it was a Hamptons and not a Madeline I saw? Either way it was cute and springy. Thx for the japan links renie. :tup:
  8. the optic Madeline is still on too.
  9. I haven't seen these at my Macy's... don't remember it there today either.