Maybe I got heavy handed with the AG spray on my new paddy!! HELP!!

  1. Hmmm.....I sprayed my paddy this morning and on the back there is an approx 1 inch spot along the seam. It dried everywhere else. I'm freaking out!! Any suggestions on what I can do if the spot doesn't dry?
  2. Hmmm.... that's odd. I sprayed my paddy twice since I got her and I have no marks... is it completely dry and there still is that mark, or is it still damp?
  3. Roll the bag to stretch the leather gently...that worked for Daisy when her bag got a water spot. Something about letting the pigments "move" back to their proper spots.
  4. Which seam - is it the junction between the leather and the fabric part of the zipper? If so, is the spot on the fabric or leather? If leather, then I'd try what ET suggested. But if it stained the zipper fabric, then ooh, I'm not sure..
  5. I have the taupe zippy just like Daisy's. It's on the back where there's a seam between the top part and the bottom zipped part. It's on the leather and it feels dry to me. I'll try rolling it and see what happens. This stinks!!!
  6. I believe it was Dr. Roey who came up with the "stretching the leather" technique of removing water spots, so you might PM her to ask for more details on how this is accomplished.
  7. K - I would love to see pics of the Taupe Zippy!

    The anthracite Paddy was sold just in front of me, so now I am stalking one :shame:

    How the ag will dissapear completely - let us know!

  8. Oh dear! You could just try stretching the leather, I heard that helps! Keep us posted on how it goes. No worries, maybe it needs to dry off a little more?
  9. Hi all,
    It looks better this morning.....still there some. The taupe is a strange color with some variations in it, so it actually kind of blends and looks like part of the variation. I feel much better now! I did the stretching and some light scratching. It did help! Now I'm a little nervous about using AG spray on light colors.
  10. Throw that AG away! I will never, ever use it again...I ruined a vachetta strap with it!!! I've found that Wilson's works just as well on leather. K - you also might want to try vectra spray. Chanel recommends it for lambskin. Order the Vectra 16.

    BTW - glad the bag is better :smile:
  11. Thanks, I!! Oh my.....I didn't realize you ruined a strap. That stinks!! Have you used the Vectra? Which do you think is better.....Wilson's or Vectra?
  12. Yup, I had a brand new naked vachetta strap, sprayed it with AG and it ended up all spotty...I flipped out. I have never used AG since then. I prefer Wilson's but I bought the vectra to use specifically on my Chanel cambon bags. It's much less greasy than AG but it takes longer to dry than the Wilsons. And I tried the Shining Monkey for the first time last week. It went on evenly and dried with no spots or darkening of the leather.

    So I guess my preference is either Wilsons, SM or Vectra over AG. :smile:

    If it was a choice of Wilsons or Vectra, I think I would stick with Wilsons...
  13. Use the AG lotion not spray. Keep the AG spray away from light colors. It turns things a more yellow color. but if you want shine on your dark ones, after using the AG lotion, then spray after.
  14. Thanks for the tip, itbag. I always use the lotion first and then spray. I definitely will not be using AG spray again!

    Hey I,
    Do you just use Wilson's spray or is their a lotion or what do I use?
  15. I use the leather and suede protector. If you have a Wilson's in LV, the store sells the aerosol spray. It's been out of stock on the website for a while but they have the non aerosol available.

    I have the conditioner but I'm afraid to use it!