Maybe I go too much.... YOU?

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  1. I know I"m a coach addict. What kind of embaressing to me is that the SAs there know me by name. I don't think I go that much. I go maybe once a month, sometimes I buy something, sometimes I don't. I have one SA at an outlet that knows me by name and style, and I always deal with her when I'm in since she is always honest to me. I feel like sometimes the others look at me like I've done something wrong or something.... when in fact... I just freaking LOVE COACH.

    I'd fill up a room of coach and roll all over it if I could. :graucho:

    I haven't called in a while and started calling yesterday and today looking for certain madison items (I just want a freaking wristlet), and today a guy found what I was looking for and put it on hold for me. Then he asks me if I have anything else on hold (I don't - not that I know of).

    Anyone else ever feel like this? I feel like I"m bothering them.... it sucks cause I just love my coach (and I need my monthly fix).
  2. Bothering them? They should be glad that you are shopping there! Don't feel that way! You're actually buying stuff it's not like you are making them work their tails off and then leaving with nothing every time!

    I am not at the point where I feel like a pest to the SA's yet however I do feel like I need my monthly fix. lol It's bad!

  3. I totally know how you feel! I am so indecisive so I always wander around for a while deciding and next thing I know, I've been there way too long and some SA's will make comments like oh wow you're still here but hey, I want to be sure and shopping is my time to zone out and wander! I still end up making exchanges but it would be a lot worse if I didn't wander!

    The SA's at the outlet that just opened that is like 10 mins from my house definitely know me already since I stop in a lot. It's right across from the grocery store I go to so of course I have to stop, I mean it's right there! haha They are all really nice though and never push things on me or get anxious if I walk out with nothing. Even if I'm just in the building to go somewhere else, I stop just to say hi and look and they are always really nice.

    The other outlet by me is busier but they are also a lot pushier and a few SA's recognize me and are always trying to get me to buy the most expensive FP delete they have, no matter what it is. They then seem to get annoyed if I'm just looking or only buying something small. It's always like a totally different experience.
  4. I have been in there alot lately but I have made my last purchase for awhile and I won't be back in there.
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    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    I would love that ... let me know and I'll join you !!!!

    The SAs at my outlet know me, too ... at least some of them. It makes me feel embarrassed sometimes, because I'm actually shy and usually like to be left alone when I shop, but it's helped out that I go in a lot and know them ... one SA actually called me when a bag came in I wanted, and then carried it around the store until I could get there.

    Forgot to add, at my FP store, my favorite SA knows me so well I get a hug almost every time I go in, and then we settle down for a chat about what's new or coming from Coach. And when my favorite SA isn't there, all the other SAs know me and volunteer info on when my favorite SA will be in (though they also help me very nicely, I just never buy from them). I had to give up being embarrassed a long time ago, lol.
  6. Yes, I totally know how you feel. I am lucky enough to have two FP stores within 30 miles and all the SA's at both stores know me. Most of them know my name as well. On one hand it's nice to walk into a store and have people greet you by name and smile, etc but on the other hand it's really embarrassing. I always think that when I leave they talk about me and think I'm crazy.

    I must say though, they have all been wonderful to me and very helpful.
  7. Hi,
    This sounds just like me!! LOL I am at my outlet on a weekly basis and I know most of the SAs and they know me!!! LOL They have gotten a few new SAs that I don't know but everyone is super nice!!! I so love Coach.. I would say either the outlet or Nordstrom are my second homes!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. OMGosh, I thought I was the only one :blush:! During PCE, I go in a number of times just to make sure I don't miss anything and during non-PCE times, I am there at least once every 2 weeks! It is in my local mall, so I just like to stop by and see what is going on. I am on first name terms with the manager and a couple of SAs, so like others here, I like to go in and chat and see what's new :smile:! I had to call today about my problem Walnut Hampton Hobo and felt so bad for bothering them once again with a bag problem, but the manager just said, "Don't be silly, we all like you here!" It may seem silly, but after a trying day at work, it made me smile and feel better :flowers:
  9. I felt like I was bothering them during PCE, too! I felt like I was coming and leaving a hundred times with nothing but I would just check things out, then I brought my friend in since she wanted a Sophia, and left with nothing. FInally back ordered my bag and bought a couple of things, but I felt like I was being bothersome!

    When my friend and I went I put something on hold and came back and then left with out it since there were a lot of people in there and came back the next day and almost felt embarrassed about it since I didn't buy my item on hold that time either.

    Oh well!
  10. you just described me, as well! not only do my 2 fp boutiques know me by name, but most of the girls at the outlet do, too...i actually had to "forewarn" a girlfriend that came with me to the outlet one nite that the sa's will most likely greet and recognize me and she just laughed and she had a blast when we were there! =) definitely a perk, especially in the boutiques because they *WILL* take care of you! but, i definitely get the feeling, too, that i am just there *WAY* too often ~ maybe that's because i have been, especially lately and hubby's definitely asking me to "slow down" and stop......i promised no more bags about 3 months ago and since then, have bought about 4 or 5...luckily, most of them at the outlet, but instantly fell in love with the crimson sophia and got her with the last pce!

  11. haha this is why I don't want my husband to ever come with me! then he would really see how often I actually go there!
  12. Coachsj: YOu live in Houston too? What outlet just opened thats only 10 miles from you? the OP'er--(or anyone might know this answer) Do the Coach SA's get paid on comission? Or do they get part of any part of the sell on something to the customer their helping. Either way, don't feel bad. When you catch yourself feeling bad just think "If it wasn't for people like me, Coach wouldn't be so successful".
  13. AAAAAAAND, I went again last night .. AAAAAAND, I will be going again on Sunday .. LOL! I need help, I think :angel::shame:
  14. Coach stores make us feel loved and welcomed so we buy and come back and buy more. Also I have meet some really great people. Sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name and everybody is glad you came. :smile:
  15. The new outlet is at Katy Mills Mall - the outlet mall just off of I-10, west of downtown. They opened back in mid-August. Not many people know they are there yet still so it's usually pretty quiet. They are down by Marshalls and the Bass Pro Shop, in between those two stores. It's basically directly south of the Cypress outlet at Houston Premium Outlets, probably about 25-35 mins apart depending on traffic and which way you go.