Maybe I don't understand ecnonomics...

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    So which do you think is the best "value" for your ~$585 ? Worst value?
  2. In order of value, I'd go bag, wallet, shoes, sunglasses, highest to lowest.
  3. Bag for me.
    I think shoes go out of style, or start to smell lol
    sunglasses, easily broken or lost
    wallet.not worth that much- plain and simple
  4. I would have to say the neverfull pm and the soupcon Gm. I have them and love them both.;)
  5. From best value to lowest value:
  6. i agree. bag wallet shoes sunglasses.
  7. Well for me...

    The azur wallet I would only use in the summer/spring.

    The sandles only in the spring/summer.

    So, the bag and the sunglasses I would use all year round, so the best value for me would be either the bag or the sunglasses that I would get the most use of both of them.
  8. The bag would be the best value! Followed by the wallet (they last forever)! I can't wear sunnies (need prescription) and my feet'll ruin such expensive shoes!
  9. Eh...those items are all different things to different people and it's "all about" craftsmanship in each case. Some people will wear a shoe all the way into the ground and love it as much as a handbag, for instance. I personally, would always take the handbag for these reasons: 1) I sell shoes and can get really stylish, comfortable ones at killer prices. 2) I have broken every pair of sunglasses I have ever bought/been given...I'm ruthless. 3) A wallet would be worth the money but most people keep it inside of their bag/pants and therefore, it's not seen as much.
  10. I may be biased, but the bag is the best value. Seriously, that bag is bigger than it seems. It holds a ton of stuff and it looks great. The second best value for me would be the wallet, I suppose. The shoes would be third and the sunnie last. Sunglasses are useless to me unless they're prescription. I was never a shoe person (I can't seem to get the right fit!). The wallet is overpriced, but I can attest that LV wallets are top notch quality-wise.
  11. I just found it so amusing that they were all around the same price. For me I wouldn't value the bag as high because IMO the Neverfull isn't that spectacular of a bag (compared to other LVs), but the zippy wallet is awesome, and those shoes are HOT (I'm buying a pair soon). I think the sunglasses are the biggest "risk" because they are the smallest and easiest to lose.

    It just reinforces the theory that the value of a thing is determined only by what someone will pay for it.
  12. I'd buy the most frivolous and useless one--> Soupcon GM sunnies cuz I like it best.

    I've said htis before: ideal luxury is not about the $$$, it's completely based on LIKING something, and buying it JUST for that reason. Things like quality, usage, functionality...etc. are irrelevant. Then again, I do think that what you pay is what you get, so the sunnies'll have better "craftsmanship and quality"? Whatever that means.
  13. I agree with most, more bang for your buck with bag. To me, wallet and sunnies are almost even, then shoes. I know what you mean, sometimes you have to take a step back and put things into perspective!!!
  14. The bag. The bag. The bag. If it's your first LV purchase, you'll feel great holding it. Fill it up later. With a great wallet, etc.
  15. Oh, I'm not asking for opinions on what to buy. I'm just starting a discussion about perceived value. Sorry, it's a boring afternoon at work. :smile: