Maybe I am crazy, but does the Legacy Whiskey Leather get "redder"?

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  1. I had a Mandy before I got the Lily and I don't remember her being this red after time. My Lily looks more red than I remember her being when I bought her. Anyone else notice their bag loosing the brown undertone to be more red?
  2. I don't have any whiskey bags...sorry!
  3. Actually all of these patina to a certain extent. Light, air, and oil causes this over time, especially light. My large Lily looks almost like my walnut Gigi now, whereas my Mandy has very little patina, but I think it probably depends on the piece of leather because all are different. I just looked at my Ali, and it might be redder too. It's my oldest whiskey piece.
  4. Yeah I saw a girl on the bus with a VERY patina-ed Whiskey Shoulder and it was MUCH deeper and redder!
  5. My Ali has gotten much redder--most noticeably after being stuck in a rainstorm in the city for an entire day! I can tell when I lift the flap how the leather's color has deepened. It gives it more of that vintage look!
  6. I don't have one but I have seen some, especially on Ebay that have turned REALLY red. :yes:
  7. thanks guys.... Just wanted to be sure I was not crazy!
  8. Yes...mine too.