Maybe dumb question- perforated bags

  1. Sorry, I am new to LV. The perforated leather with the bright colors underneath- I think maybe Marc Jacobs designed them- are they still available? What are they called? What styles did they come in??? Thanks for your help, I am really excited to start looking for my first LV!!!!!:yes:
  2. Maybe call 866-VUITTON. Not sure what's left or where they're available.
  3. Yeah it's the Perforated line. It came in the Pochette, Musette, Speedy and one I can't remember the name of (maybe Trocadero?) and some various smaller items like the Cles.
    I think they're mostly sold out's a link to the pieces on the LE thread:

    Elux still has the Cles in green..
  4. this line is limited edition for spring/summer 2006, I don't think they are easily found or available at LV Boutiques anymore. There is a perfo speedy in green @ eluxury though
  5. Check Neiman Marcus in San Diego or Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills might still have some left. I think I saw some there the last time.
  6. I just sold my pink perforated speedy... I miss it!
  7. The perfo also came in a demilune (or crescent?) shape, and a zipped wallet. The pink is probably sold out everywhere, but you might get lucky with the orange or green.
  8. The Demi Lune was only made in orange, the Trocadero was only made in Fuschia, and the others were made in all three colors: orange, fuschia, and green. I LOVE the perfo line... I didn't care for it too much when it came out because I thought it was a little out there, but I have really grown to absolutely LOVE the entire line. I have had a Fuschia Perfo Musette, Green Speedy 30, and the Fuschia Trocadero... and they're all awesome! Last time I called on eLux, I think like 2 months ago, all of the handbags were sold out except for the Green Perfo Speedy, which I think is an absolutely ADORABLE bag, probably my fav? Pic is attached :smile:
  9. ^^^ That is an adorable photo !
  10. thank you!! It was taken over Labor Day weekend when my dh and I went to Chicago at the hancock lookout tower

    and I did make a mistake, the Trocadero came in Fuschia and Orange, not just Fuschia