maybe coach just isn't for me?

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  1. I'm trying so hard to find a purse that is just right and it's very difficult. the purses that I like are not shoulder bags and I don't really care for any of the shoulder bags that are currently available. I really liked isabelle but she was just too floppy and a little too deep for my liking. I don't really like maggie. I do like hailey but I called jax and the colors available are black and she said a few in saffron. I love sophia but dh and many others don't think it looks right carried on the shoulder. I have store credit to use and I can't find anything to use it on. I like the duffles too but I don't want to worry about the corners wearing and it is a little too deep for me. I just can't carry a long purse. anyone have any suggestion that I might have forgotten about. thanks for any help and sorry for being a pain.
  2. Call Coach about an Abigail! It's a shoulder bag that is not that deep and is very comfortable to wear! You can google the colors that were made. Coach often keeps a backstock of older colors. I know it's not on the site anymore but they are available! Kath
  3. How about a Madison tote? I know it's called a tote, but it fits very nicely over the shoulder and is not a deep bag.
  4. I know how you feel! Coach makes a lot of great satchels, but i dont care for most of the shoulder bag styles either.

    I actually like the way the sophia slouches when worn on shoulder after it breaks in. You might like the new Juliettes. They look like they will wear better on the shoulder than the sophias.

    And i know its MFF, but the ashley carryall is a great shoulder bag.
  5. Did you look at the classics collection? The Ramblers? The Patricia? The Stewardess? The city bag? Janice's Legacy? I like the classic duffle with the round bottom, but it is deep. It looked so good when I tried it on at Nordstroms.

    How about the Men's line? Love the totes! Bleecker comes in a smaller size with a shoulder strap in rust.

    Candace is my favorite. Tanner reminds me of Celine. I'll wear my Tanner on the shoulder.

    Can you use a small bag like Penny or classic shoulder purse? I think of those as wallets you wear. Great for errands.

    ETA: There were some nicely shaped east-west duffles in the factory sales recently.
  6. I just bought a Juliette and I love it. I carry the Sophia and I love the new Longer strap on the Juliette. The Juliette actually reminds me of the Hailey. The colors are beautiful. I think you might like it as well.
  7. I am going to second the Madison tote.. I have a patent and its perfect! I love the green and black leathers as well.
    I dont have issues wit h one strap slipping but then again with all my two handle bags I put the outer one under the inner :smile:
    Most wont like the pull away zipper but I resolved that by putting a safety pin under the zipper to hold it together ...

    The Abigail is amazing.. Its one of my fav's... I have it in dov /silver and bordeaux and love them both, I would like to add a navy and fush to the mix.. but we'll see how that goes. The patent purple is simply stunning!
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    I'll third it - I have the Chelsea version and I'm using it now and it's the perfect shoulder bag. Nobody hates the break away zipper more than me but the zipper is long enough that it doesn't even come undone - although I may still do your safety pin trick.

    Here is a pic of mine. So comfy on the shoulder.


    BTW - I tried on the Isabelle yesterday and I don't like deep bags either but it's a gorgeous bag - perfect slouch and such awesome leather - have you actually tried it on with your stuff in it? You may change your mind. :smile:
  9. I called Jax on Thursday to see what color Hailey's they had and she told me they only had black/silver and brass/Mahogany. I ordered a Mahogany one, should be here on Tues.
  10. I would suggest Abigail. It can only be worn on the shoulder (no long strap) but it is just beautiful! I have her in fuschia and she is my fav bag!

  11. OMG!! Love this! ;)) Do you have item # handy? Do you mind posting the price? Thanks!
  12. Ok, so I just did this with my sophia as an experiment, and I know I and others have posted about it before, so you may have already done it, but....................have you tried clipping the shoulder strap on the handle rings diagonally from each other on your sophias? If you clip them on the outside of the rings, the handles will lay down nicely and if you zip it up, the bag hangs really nicely, much more attractive than cliping it to the ends and having it collapse in the middle. Just sayin'.... :smile:
  13. Ooh, I think I like this a lot better! She seems skinnier. Thanks for posting!

    I had to find a new spot for the hang tags on the diagonal strap (older version of sophia). They look good there.

  14. Sue - that's a Chelsea tote, but the Madison tote is identical in design. They make versions of it every winter in the FP stores. It's almost identical to the MFF East-West Gallery tote, the straps might be a little bit longer on the MFF.

    Christmas-time last year FP had a beautiful patent version, I got a cranberry red one. Great winter bag.