maya's updated collection.

  1. Since I bought a new bag and accessory today, I decided to take updated photos of what I have. I didn't take pictures of my sandals, umbrella, and visor because they're in the car.

    Also, I'm not 100% of all the "official" names of all these bags...
    sohosatchel.jpg denimcarly.jpg largebkpk.jpg khakibkpk.jpg blackbkpk.jpg
  2. Some more...

    But I think I really want to sell the bronze/khaki hobo because it's still NWT and it's way too small for me...
    quiltedbkpk.jpg kidsbkpk.jpg hotpinkdemi.jpg bronzehobo.jpg dufflesac.jpg
  3. And more...

    I forgot all about my heart wristlet (it's my camera case) so I just took the photo seperately from the collection because I was NOT about to bust out everything again to take a photo.
    blackdemi.jpg accessories.jpg heartwristlet.jpg
  4. Maya I really like your new tote!!! I have been searching for the same one. I think it just might meet my needs for work. I am drawn more to the signature fabric like yours which is unusual as I usually go for leather. The size looks about right also!!!

    Love your collection BTW and congrats on your new bag!!!! Great price too!!!!:tup:
  5. lovincollectin: Thank you! I'm totally in love with it!! It's got the perfect length straps, wonderful size, and the zipper is easily accessible. It really seems like a bag that will be really easy to get in and out of! And yes, at that price, I couldn't pass it up!! I hope you find yours!! If I ever see another one at our outlet, I'll let you know!
  6. :heart: all your backpacks! Great collection!!! :yes:
  7. Thanks, cverhoff! The backpack style was all I ever carried in my late teens/early 20's. I haven't used them in a long time, though, because they keep rubbing against the top of my butt. *lol*
  8. maya-beautiful coach collection!
  9. OMG!!!! Love everything!!!
  10. OMG! I love your collection too!!!!!!!
  11. Hi djr!! Are you crossing over too?? *lol*

    Thanks, yummymummysofea and beljwl!!

    Aw, man... I forgot to take a photo of my large black Hampton's bag that I use for work! Oh well. *lol*
  12. Great collection!
  13. I love the denim Carly, the turtle keyfob looks so cute with it!
  14. Love everything, especially the hot pink back pack.
  15. Thank you, everyone!!

    Hoodster777: The tortoise keyfob is my absolute favorite!!

    dorcell: I love your avatar!! I'm a watermelon fanatic - eat it every day when it's in season!! And even in the off season, I eat it as much as I can. *lol*