maya's collection ^_^

  1. My two bag brand loves are Coach and tokidoki!! Instead of seperate collection threads for the two brands, I'm just gonna lump it all together here. ^_^

    First up, my Foresta BV and denaro and Paradiso gioco and denaro...

    forestabvfront.jpg forestabvback.jpg paradisogiocofront.jpg paradisogiocoback.jpg
  2. Cute bags!
  3. all the color.
  4. My two fave toki prints, Paradiso and Foresta!!!! And I LOVE the Gioco! So jealous!
  5. Cute.
    Where is the Coach? I want to see the Coach.
  6. very cute.
  7. Haha. I didn't get to post all of my collection yet. I didn't know these threads had to get approved first...!!
  8. My Inferno mamma mia and denaro, Famiglia gioco and denaro, and tokidoki crossbones keychain... ^_^
    infernomammamiafront.jpg infernomammamiaback.jpg famigliagiocodenarofront.jpg famigliagiocodenaroback.jpg crossboneskeychain.jpg
  9. My Spiaggia zucca and denaro, Tutti mamma mia and denaro, Original Print bella bella and denaro, Olive Camo bella bella and denaro... ^_^
    spiaggiazuccadenarofront.jpg spiaggiazuccadenaroback.jpg tuttimammamiadenarofront.jpg tuttimammamiadenaroback.jpg 2bellabellas.jpg
  10. Now onto my first love - Coach!!

    Most of my accessories (not including umbrella, visor, and sandals - they're all in the car), Signature black/white backpack, Signature black demi (my first Coach from my parents), Limited Edition Soho bronze/khaki hobo, and my medium denim Carly with tortoise keyfob...
    accessories.jpg blackbkpk.jpg blackdemi.jpg bronzehobo.jpg denimcarly.jpg
  11. Signature cobalt medium duffle sac, Signature hot pink demi pouch, Signature khaki/doe backpack, Limited Edition first season Kid's Collection Signature khaki backpack, and Signature large black backpack... ^_^
    dufflesac.jpg hotpinkdemi.jpg khakibkpk.jpg kidsbkpk.jpg largebkpk.jpg
  12. Kid's Collection second season hot pink quilted backpack, Signature Soho large satchel and multi-colored keyfob (my newest additions), and my heart wristlet that I forgot to add in my "accessories" photo... ^_^

    I also forgot to take a photo of my Hamptons large black weekender that I use for work. Oh well! That's okay!!
    quiltedbkpk.jpg sohosatchel.jpg heartwristlet.jpg
  13. nice collection- thanks for sharing!:tup:
  14. Very cute collection! :smile:
  15. Lovely collection!!