Maya's Coach collar

  1. Just for fun I thought I'd share Maya's new Coach collar I bought her for her 1st birthday. It looks so cute on her.:love: Enjoy!
  2. OMG, so ridiculously cute! That's such a well-taken photo, too, you should sell it to a greeting-card company or something! So cute!
  3. Awww, that's so cute!
  4. That's ADORABLE!!! Maya has her own little cake too!! I loveee it.

    Danica, would you mind PMing me where you got Danica's cake from? I wanted to order one for my pup's bday but we never found a place =(
  5. OMG, how precious! I cant wait until I have a puppy to pamper :heart:
  6. SOOOOOO cuteeee!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
    i love coach's collars, are they good quality?
  7. You guys are all so sweet!! Maya says thanks!! ;)
  8. It really is. Its quite a piece of hardware, especially for her. Its big, but they've made it light, so it works out nicely.
  9. she's frinkin' adorable in her stunning collar- and wow look at her cake!!! happy birthday to maya
  10. Oh, how cute! I should get one for my pug.
  11. OH! She is so adorable in it. :smile:
  12. OMG, This is so cute!!!
  13. Its really cute! My chihuahuas don't wear collars, only harnesses when I walk them, but I am thinking of getting them the Coach leashes. They are soooo cute:smile:
  14. Aww that is absolutely adorable! Maya has a wonderful mommy! :biggrin:
  15. BTW-- did you get that cake from the Three Dog Bakery...thats where I get my pups cakes from, and Maya's just looks like the bday cake that I got for my dogs, Carmen and Bentley. They do such a good job!!
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