mayajuliana's collection!

  1. As promised, here are some of the bags in my collection:

    My Chanel Lady Braid (I bought her on my very good friend's birthday, so she has much sentimentality attached to her) and Dark Gray Camellia Wallet

    DSC01105.jpg DSC01107.jpg

    My beloved Marcelle my DH let me by at NM Ala Moana on our honeymoon:

  2. My Koobas, again with my Marcelle...Koobas are so cool!
    DCP_0718.jpg DCP_0719.jpg DCP_0720.jpg
  3. My MJs...the leather on these, especially the Capra, is practically indestructable...I don't have a problem putting these bags down!
    DCP_0723.jpg DCP_0724.jpg DCP_0734.jpg
  4. Here's a mix of things I have gotten over the past 2 Fendi Tribal Spy, which my DH says is big and ugly and my favorite mentor's daughter thought something was wrong with it because it has "spikes", my LV Sufflot, which is my one and only LV, my Rafe bag that I bought on sale at TJ Maxx for $140, my one and only BV Marquise Veneta I bought on a great sale on Bluefly, and my one and only Gucci Medium Horsebit that hasn't gotten a lot of use, but is still very classic...
    DCP_0727.jpg DCP_0736.jpg DCP_0741.jpg DCP_0739.jpg DCP_0733.jpg
  5. I have two Chanels, so I'll post my Lady Braid again with her Cambon sister, along with my Prada Gauffre Convertible and Patchwork Bowler...
    DCP_0731.jpg DSC01105.jpg DCP_0743.jpg DCP_0744.jpg
  6. And my Kate Spades...her bags were my first loves, so I can't ever let go of some of the very colorful bags I've collected over the years...
    DSC01101.jpg DCP_0746.jpg DCP_0725.jpg DCP_0738.jpg DCP_0745.jpg
  7. Love the Chanel!
  8. Maya - what a spectacular collection! You've posted your Lady Braid and Camellia wallet - so I know and love those, but didn't realize how extensive and varied a collection you had! I really admire the diversity of the styles, colors, designers and price! One can tell that you are truly a purse lover, and not just a follower! Just so many fab pieces I can't even begin - congrats on a great collection!
  9. Fantastic collection! That Spy is fabulous!
  10. Hey thank you Valley, Flora, Nola! I really am a collector, and I look and buy what I like to look at. Unfortunately, it's bad on the wallet!
  11. Oh my! :nuts: Maya - your collection is amazing! You have a keen eye for what's classic fun AND hot, too! Quite remarkable - you'd make a great stylist or personal shopper (and I could probably learn a lot from you if we ever went shopping together!). Especially love your Chanel Lady Braid, your Tribal Spy, Prada Gauffre and all the Koobas! :okay:
  12. OH wow! Your collection is beautiful!!:yahoo:
  13. Oooh, the chanel and Pastilles look great together!! Great collection!!
  14. Very nice collection! Loving the Prada Gauffre!!!:tup:
  15. great collection.. love the chanel!