Maya won 4th place

  1. Your baby looks adorable...I love her nail polish!!:biggrin:
  2. That's really cute. Congratz. *Whispers* I liked her best!
  3. Oh thank you!! She also got an honorable mention, if you look through them she's the black and white photo where she's looking out the window, and the shadow of her ears is on the floor. :smile: :smile:
  4. Oh my gosh she looks soooooooo pretty! I just want to kiss that dog!
  5. How big is she? I think she's so cute and her ears are too!
  6. She is also the black/and white pic? I like that pic, she looks adorable!
  7. Aww! She should've won!!!
  8. She is so adorably CUTE!! Congrats!
  9. Congrats! Aww, isn't she the sweetest thing???
  10. Awww!:love: Thanks you guys! Purselova...she's 7 pounds! she's a big girl, actually she's starting to get a little tubby, I started to feed her too many treats, so she's now on a diet. :smile: She should weigh around 6 pounds or a little over.

    Impsola...she is also the B&W, I sent two pictures in of her.
  11. Really? I thought she was about four pounds. Maybe, those ears add extra weight! :lol: I don't blame you for spoiling her, she's cute!
  12. oh ok. Can I have her??? Just kidding.
  13. OMG she's adorable!!! Can I come over to your house so I can get a kiss from Maya too? ;)
  14. Awww she is the cutest thing!! Congrats :biggrin: