May3545's Little Collection

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  1. Very nice collection!
  2. I love your collection! Very nice!
  3. I ADORE your pink Chanel!! Definitely on my wish list! Beautiful collection!
  4. Yes, it's Caviar Leather.. and I scotchguarded the Juicy Tote, so it's spotless and I use EVERY DAY!! =D
  5. The Chanel goes for $1450 at the stores, but it was discontinued last year in pink.. I got it for $855 from a past user =D
  6. I thought it might be discontinued, :cry: Oh, well. At least I know the price range if they ever put out another similar bag. :amuse: Thanks.
  7. i like the pink chanel..!!:love:
  8. cute collection! :smile:
  9. Lovely collection.
  10. Thanks everyone with your comments! I said small collection cuz I looked at others' collections, and wowwww... I'll just say wow!
  11. nice collection! I wanted to get that Juicy bag tooo
  12. Love your chanel, great collection!
  13. Beautiful :]
  14. the chanel classic is such a must have!
  15. Nice collection.