May you keep an eye out for me for something like this bag?

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  1. [​IMG]

    This is similar to what I would like to have as a messenger bag. but I don't like the pink. I'm looking for more of a everyday bag color. But I do like how the 2 pockets sit in the front because I would imagine (coz i have never seen this IRL) that it'll allow the bag to bend a little bit from the middle and the bag can rest quite fitted around the side of the hip. If any of you happens to come across to something similar to the shape of this bag when you're browsing through the net, please let me know!! thanks!!
  2. what color would you be interested in doll?
  3. Will do, that Paul Smith bag is adorable :biggrin:
  4. perhaps chocolate brown, navy, white... nothing too fancy. no pink/yellow/bright green.. thanks!!
  5. That's a seriously cute bag! Does anyone know what it retails for?
  6. $429 on eluxury
  7. Thanks!!!! Someday I'm really going to have to get familiar with that site. Beyond the LV department I mean. *G*

  8. That's a very cute bag! I never noticed on elux before either! I tend to get hung up on the various same designers too!