May we chat a little about Choco Matte?


Dec 11, 2009
What is the current Choco Matte like? How does it compare with the Choco in previous seasons? Do you like the current, would you describe it?

I'm in a very Choco Matte mood, perhaps due to the Choco Matte BE I dreamt about last night with light pink lining.

Good gracious it has been on my mind ALL day.

I am also interested to see how Cilifene is liking her Choco with the silver hardware, unique in itself because I rarely see that combination. That TMA original of hers is to die for. (Those tassels!)

And I also can't stop thinking about Contessa's Choco WTM Midi - oh my - and odebdo's LM Mini !

I wonder if BE will come out with any new hardware with the A/W line.

I'll stop now. Such as I am, this is just where my mind is right now, lol.

I'll do my very best to stick to one subject at a time. :broom:
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Feb 8, 2007
I have 3 variations of the Choco matte...soon the forth ..perhaps, but it could also be similar to the Kiss Me ;)

The first type I recieved was my Travel set and a Hold me.. indeed durable bags! then I got a LMM and a Protect me..a bit redder in the hue, but equally hardy. Now I have a Kiss me..a wonderful variation, and hopefully soon a ..Rock me!

So I really understand the good reviews on this is one of a kind!


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Mar 15, 2009
I love my LMM in this leather...I just wish I could carry 20 bags at a time so I could give all the beauties in my closet their due time out on my arm!

I will say...if I has it to do over again...light pink and silver would be my choice!


Mar 19, 2006
Well, my order was from last year :blush:..I could not decide on the model..and I know Marco kept my piece of leather till I finally made up my mind...:P

I love that they do that! I have a piece of dpm waiting for my Charm Me Midi! I occasionally bug Jackie to be sure they're still holding on to it for me! My bag is due in August! :yahoo: If we get 8 gals together though that are interested in choco matte they may hunt some down for us!