May was National Handbag Month!

  1. Well, not really... but it sure felt like it! I picked up a couple new bags and wanted to show them to everyone who appreciate them too. I know some of them are so very passe, but I absolutely :love: them.
    May bags.JPG Gaucho.JPG Rouille.JPG My Betty.JPG
  2. Lovely! And what do you mean 'passe'? If you love it, it doesn't matter at all!
  3. Love 'em! Especially the sapphire color of your gaucho!
  4. Love your bbag!
  5. Me likey! :biggrin:
  6. BalenciagaLove, first of all, "a couple"??? and second, "passe"?? HOT!
  7. I love the color of your Gaucho!!
  8. Love your choices. You def. have a patriotic vibe going! Love that metallic day. Very nice! The blue gaucho is the nicest color I've seen in that bag!
  9. Thanks everyone! You're all so sweet! I am definitely digging the Betty and the Gaucho the most.

    minicoop/uhkiwi - I said passe because I don't think the Gaucho will be a timeless bag, but I so agree with you! What matters is how I feel about the bag. And I love love love this bag!
  10. Congrats to you, BalenciagaLove! I especially like the gaucho in blue! It's a fabulous bag! I know I'll be carrying mine for a long, long time. The leather is so soft, it stays on the shoulder without slipping off, and it's such an interesting-looking bag. It truly is one of my favorites. Enjoy yours!
  11. congrats to you!! i love your rouille bbag!! :smile:
  12. wow!! congrats!!! they are all lovely!!! especially the gaucho!!
  13. I like them all!!!!
    I had a cream Betty b4 i got my Edith but returned it because i was afraid it was going to get too dirty but still love the style. And your Bbags are beautiful.
  14. Yay, congratulations! They're all cuties :heart:3
  15. BalenciagaLove!!! They are all TDF!! Lucky girl! :smile:
    Enjoy them girl!