May UK meet - who's coming?

  1. I know you are all going to think I'm way too organised :wtf: but I'm starting to put together a list of who's coming to the May meet at Bicester on May 10.
    So, it would be really helpful if you could sign up on this thread so we have an idea of numbers.
    Nearer the time the plan is to get a list of the bags, purses, accessories that everyone is interested in & to let Mulberry have it a few weeks in advance in the hope they can make sure they have plenty of stock on the day. :yes:
  2. Hope to come but can not say 100% as DH is not so organised as you and not sure if he will be around.
    If he is around to have the girls then count me in, even though its a bloomin long drive!!
    God I will have to buy 2 bags to make it worthwhile!!
  3. Thanks Tara - really hope you will be there!
    My next door neighbour commutes weekly from Wiltshire to Bacton - mad drive eh!
  4. Count me in for definate!!!
  5. Well, I will be there in spirit...and perhaps as cash in someone's pocket to spend on my behalf. I think to have a purchase made in my name, during the meet, would be fun. Because all of you will be there. is fun to spend money that's not yours! I'll wire some money when the time comes nearer. You'll let me know how much I should send. It will be my version of "lucky dip."
  6. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Count me in, NOT!!! Next year, though!!!!!

    Sorry, I am probably muddying up this thread

    Great idea TG!!!!
  7. TG - what a fantastic idea - I'll do it for you. You can send me a shortlist of bags you'd like!
    Kroquet - You're already top of the list for 2009 - talk about organised!!! Can't wait....
  8. Me :yahoo:
  9. OK, so far we have:
    Tara (hopefully),
    TG (in spirit) & Kroquet in anticipation!
  10. I´ll also will be there spiritually:girlsigh:. Would have been so great to be there in person but I´ll have to imagine all the fun and all the bags:drool:. Have a wonderful day:tup:!!!

    (Could I maybe have someone shopping in my name too if the bankaccount stopped echoing so loud by then? Just to increase the bag amount bought at the meet of course - a good reason:angel:, almost like charity:p!)
  11. Count me in hopefully!!
  12. I'll be there:wlae::yahoo::woohoo::tup::nuts: ( unless unforseen circumstances get in the way ie rota, illness, flood, avalanche, earthquake- that sort of thing!!!)
  13. I love the idea that all of you at the meet will choose my next Mulberry. I'll be getting the best shopping advice from the pros! And all of you will know, IRL, having touched and modeled my new Mulberry, what I'll be wearing in the tropics...!
  14. Jo - no excuses, you've got to be there!
  15. This forum amazes me, can't believe you're going to trust this lot to buy you a bag TropicalGal :nuts: I love it! Still too scared to contemplate meeting anyone in person though!