May sound silly but.....

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  1. How do you pronounce balenciaga? :smile:
  2. It's pronounced bah-lehn-see-AH-gah. :smile:
  3. It's "Bah-len-see-ah-gah"...exactly how it's spelled! Or, in castilian accent: "Bah-len-thi-ah-gah" :flowers:
  4. Yes, it is exactly like it's spelled. Thanks!!
  5. Definitely not silly! At first I didn’t even attempt to say it. Then it came out of my mouth as Bal-in-cee-a-ga. A like the letter, not the ahh. Now I finally say it right after hearing the recording that answers when you call Balenciaga New York so many times! For some reason it is still to this day kind of weird to say for me.
  6. Ok, as long as tauketula has the nerve to ask her silly question, I've gotta ask what DH stands for! I know it is some acronym for husband, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what the D stands for! (I know I'm going to slap myself on the forehead as soon as someone says it... thanks for letting me ask and not thinking I'm an idiot!! I'm not, right??...:smile:
  7. DH is dear husband:smile:

  8. LOL!! I have been wondering that too:blush:
  9. DEAR!!! OMG!!!:noggin:(At least I know what OMG stands for!:smile: Thanks Siri Anne!!! Now everyone should fel free to ask their silly questions!! I'm sure I have more...:P
  10. Bellafleur and *Lo - now that you know DH, do you know PHH? That was a new one on me when I came to tPF. ;)
  11. PHH is my favorite!!
  12. what is phh or whatever?

  13. :confused1: I have no idea??

  14. Ok... now I'm wondering about that one too!! I think we need an "encyclopedia" of all of these little abbreviations!! I'm "middle age" and out of the loop with these......and the only reason I know some of them is that my 2 teenage daughters text alot and I've learned from them!!

    Another Balenciaga term I wondered about the pronounciation of - is the
  15. PHH is "Purse Hating Husband" (I think :shame:smile: