May Sale Roundup -- Post them Here!


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Sep 13, 2006
There are soooo many sales happening right now -- actual and pre-sales. I'm sure over the next week or so, there's going to be lots of posts and pics added. I thought it would be fun if we posted them all in the same place so we can all "oooh" and "ahhh" over them!!! I know most of us have "pre-purchased" our bags and won't have them for another week or so, but if you're already got a bag that you bought ON SALE please post them here -- Be sure to post pics whenever possible and when those pre-sale bags start rolling in, come on back and add your loot!!!

Be sure to include the store or website you found your bag at, and if possible, let us in on the sale/markdown! We did this during Xmas time, and I remember that thread was so fun to look at!!

I'll start it off by adding:

Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale -- Quilted ZC, Oak and/or Wristlet Wallet, Plum (I haven't made up my mind yet which one to get or if I'll get both!)

Bloomingdales Designer Event -- ??????? Mystery Bag!! (you don't want me to ruin the surprise now, do ya??!:graucho::graucho:)

Pics to come (not soon enough for me!)


Mar 18, 2007
I've put myself on a ban, as I've bought too many bags since January. But if I can find a Grey Blake or a teal Stam, it will be one of those until the end of year. I needed to add some colour to my bag collections, as the other MJ I have are natural colours.
Can't wait to see your mystery bag!
Jan 23, 2008
My Nordstrom doesn't carry Marc Jacobs. All they have is Marc By Marc.

Is Marc Jacobs in a different area than the regular handbags?

Somerset Nordstrom doesn't carry Marc Jacobs, although, they are really trying to get his bags back in their store (they carried MJ sever years ago). They can get you an MJ bag from another Nordstrom that carrys them. Hope that helps.


Purse lover
Jul 6, 2007
That's such a great deal! Do you know if the presale is still going on and whether they still have Multipockets? Would you have an SA that you recommend dealing with?

hey, I just posted in sales thread that they've got another one of these at century city mall... I loved it but I'm too short (5'1) for a large MP :sad: Really want a small MP though.