1. If I were you, I'd go with the pebbled leather. I have a Voyage clutch, which is cow leather but smooth like PTTM. I only used it once several months ago, and when I pulled it out to take the most recent group pics, I noticed that there are some small scratches on the back. I have several Classic Q bags and haven't seen any scratches like that - not just because they wouldn't show as prominently but the pebbled leather seems to have some kind of coating that helps prevent scratches. Any help I can give is my pleasure - when you make your decision, post pics!
  2. Well, my two first bag choices were the Huge Hillier and the Baby Aidan, and I can't seem to find either in Mink...wonder if the were or will be made? :confused1: Just my luck I suppose. I owned a Huge Hillier in Hickory and honestly it was some of the best & most durable leather I have ever owned! :smile:
  3. I've only seen Mink in the regular Hillier, Natasha, Fran/Francesca, and Percy (I've only seen the Percy on MJ's site). MBMJ didn't release any Huge Hilliers this season. It's possible that none came out last season but I wasn't really paying attention bc I wasn't impressed with the leather or the new button closure.
  4. I sized down a hald size based on what I read on the Mouse flats thread. They run a little big.
  5. mcam, how are you liking the fulton?? i've been eyeing it. i can't tell how functional it is or if it's too structured for daily use. thanks!
  6. Did you end up getting it? I just ordered it from Nordstroms without seeing it.