1. Congrats! What great birthday gifts!
  2. So lucky! Congratulations and hope you had a fabulous birthday!! :balloon:
  3. b235b716bc0a11e1ab011231381052c0_5.jpg
    My first Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag, the Natasha in Indigo!
    I'm quite excited as I haven't had a new bag in ages or posted in the pf for such a looong time. Yay for Net a porter sale time:biggrin:
  4. Congrats! Love the silver hardware!
  5. Thank you :smile:On NAP it said it was gold, but looked silver, so I was unsure what I was getting. I was happy to unwrap it to see the silver:p
  6. I just purchased the Petal to the Metal Natasha bag in Tan. SOOO EXCITED FOR IT TO COME! :biggrin: my first MBMJ bag! Yay! I've always wanted a MBMJ bag for YEARS ago. Woohoo!!
  7. My 'Petal To The Metal' bag arrived today. I picked it up in the NAP sale. I'd had my eye on the black version for a few months but when I went to purchase it on Shopbop it had sold out. Sigh. Ah well, I am happy with the pink version and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it this Spring/Summer.
    source: my own pic
  8. I love the color!
    Congrats! I've had my eyes on a Petal To The Metal bag for a while now.
  9. Here are my purchases from the month of June:

    Francesca in Mink
    Natasha in Mink
    Percy in Coral
    Percy in Parrot Green
    (the bag in the bottom right-hand corner is my Natasha in Berry Haze)

    I am still thinking about returning the Parrot Green Percy and trying to get my hands on a Natasha in Dirty Martini. Never satisfied :smile:
  10. i loooove the coral!
  11. Me too! I had a Ukita in Coral but I think the Percy is just the right size for a color this bright :smile:
  12. I love your new additions anonymous13!!! :love:

    How would you wear the parrot green? I've never had a green bag
  13. I wear a lot of navy, and I like the way navy and darkish green go together so that's the main reason I bought it (though id probably wear it with white, grays, black...not with brown though) too bad it wasn't the dark peacock I really want, to replace a bag i used to have, but maybe it'll be included in next season's selection :smile:
  14. Beautiful color! Is that Shiraz or Fuchsia? P.S. I think you'll find black PTTM bags on eBay. Try Fashionquenn99 (yep, with two n's) - she's a trusted seller and I've bought several things from her.
  15. Here's my brand new MJ: