1. Oh wow swoooooon! She is beautiful! I absolutely love the hammered hardware! Congrats again!!
  2. Thanks preppy :hugs:
  3. Thank you! I got awesome deals on those bags!
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    I recently picked up 2 new black MBMJ Classic Q Slim Zip wallets at Bloomingdales since I had a 25% off coupon code.
    I am in love!!
  5. Ok, here is my new iPad bag, which I purchased to be a handbag (because I don't own an iPad) from NAP. I do love the color. I just hope it isn't too boxy??? Forgive the quality as I took these from my phone.
    MJ 1.jpg MJ 2.jpg MJ 3.jpg
  6. Gorgeous colour!
    I just got one in grey, kinda wish my Holt Renfrew had that colour haha

    The iPad bag looks super cute! Have you carried it out yet?
  7. Thanks! I haven't carried it yet because it just came yesterday.
  8. Looks great and the color is really pretty! How are you liking it so far? I really want to get an iPad, but I can't seem to justify one for myself!

    PS I LOVE those chevron pillows! Frugal, I think we have similar tastes outside of MJ bags, too!
  9. The colour is amazing!! I don't have an iPad either, but I would definitely carry it as a handbag anyways! Does it hold a lot?

    You are getting some good bags! :p I still haven't been able to get to HR and I'm kicking myself, since I'm sure all the good ones are long gone. :noggin:
  10. My Trish just arrived! It's lovely. :smile:

    It looks like it's been used possibly one time, though I think the leather seems a little dry. I'm very happy with it though! :love:

  11. Kristin, your Trish is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!!! Please post some modeling pics!!
  12. Thanks! I like it enough to keep it, but I haven't tried to use it (which will be the real test). I can't justify one either. I have asked everyone I know with one, how you could benefit from an iPad if you have an iPhone and a laptop and no one can give me an answer.

    Awww, great minds think alike :ghi5:
  13. Thanks so much! It holds most of the standard things you would need (obviously it isn't a good one for days when you need to carry a bunch of extra stuff). The only thing I have trouble fitting in it are my sunglasses, but they are all hard cases, so maybe if I get a soft case they will fit (or if I had a smaller wallet...I have a Hobo, which is about the size of a clutch).
  14. Very cute! Congrats!
  15. Thank you!! I wore it out today and I just loved it. :heart:

    Here are a few modeling pics :smile:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]