1. I love my Classic Q Blush collection!
    - Classic Q Natasha from Barneys
    - Classic Q Slim Zip from Bloomingdales
    - Classic Q Key Pouch from Endless

    I also have a Classic Q Percy in Blush not listed because I'm not sure if I want to keep her or not.:shame:

    I'm now going to go back onto my ban until December 2012! :roflmfao:
  2. Great collection!

    Love it! Perfect for summer and I love the pewter hw!

    Great color for summer and for fall!

    Love the single! I have the large and it is one of my favorite bags.

    Looks so smooshy! Great colors for spring/summer!
  3. Great finds! That Bianca is bigger than I thought it would be. Bonus!
  4. My one and only Marc Jacobs purchase, so far. ;)

    Large black Single with silver hardware. :love:

  5. Love this shade - what a lovely collection!

    SO love this bag - it's next on my wishlist (although I haven't decided what hardware or color I want yet!)...would love to see a modelling pic with this!
  6. +

    Thanks! I don't have any mod pics while wearing jeans, but it looks good with jeans too.

  7. Gorgeous bag and I love the modelling photos!
  8. looks gorgeous with your outfit! amazing how this bag can be dressed both up and down. yay we're bag twins! :smile:
  9. Thank you!

    Thanks! Bag twins :ghi5:
  10. Wow great purchases! I really love the Small Fulton and the Cooper looks amazing! :tup:
  11. I think I finally got a photo to upload! Here is my buy from the Nordstrom sale.
    MJ 2.jpg
  12. Thanks for sharing - the bag looks amazing on you/with your outfits! Definitely high on my wish list now!
  13. Very pretty! I just ordered t the same one in black, can't wait for it to get here ;)
  14. Looks so good on you! Love this bag!
  15. Thanks! I think you will love it!