1. Thank you! I agree the sale price at HR is not the greatest, but I've picked up a few Marc Jacobs/MbMJ at 50% off or more, so it really depends on your luck sometimes.

    The Werdie was $239. The same bag in black is only $199! Their regular price are both at $328, so not a deep discount but since I like the bag so much and there were only 2 left, I decided to get it.

    The Bianca Jane on a Leash was only $89 and so it was a pretty good deal!
  2. I CANNOT wait to see pics of your Chili Trish! I've been lusting over that bag for a while!
  3. The Werdie looks so cute and I really like the colorblocking- it looks really fun!
  4. Thank you! :smile: Don't know why I never notice this bag before yesterday. Tried searching for more info online last night and don't see much of it.
  5. Your Werdie is gorgrous! Smooch leather...:smile:

  6. Oh, those are not bad prices actually! I was thinking of going tomorrow if I have time, so I'll see what they have! Thanks for letting me know. :biggrin:
  7. I snagged these in the NAP sale..ordered them Tuesday night and they got here today!

    Bob's Memphis and Bianca clutch..I love them both, the Bianca is HUGE! And the leather is so smooth. The Memphis has a detachable shoulder strap which is great.
    MbMJ buys 1.JPG MbMJ buys 2.JPG MbMJ buys 3.JPG
  8. You should definitely go check it out!!! There were tons of MJ and MbMJ bags when I was there the other day! Hope you spot something you like! Good luck! :smile:
  9. Oooh, so lucky! I've always wanted a Bianca! Wear it in good health!
  10. These are my purchases for May :smile:

    MBMJ Kitty St. James Satchel
    Marc Jacobs Small Fulton
    Marc Jacobs Cooper
    MBMJ TT Natasha
    Marc Jacobs Quilted Deluxe Zip Wallet
    MBMJ TT Shine Long Tri-fold Wallet

    I love bags with long straps if you couldn't tell :p I have been wanting the Cooper for a long time now... so happy! :cloud9: I love all of them equally for different reasons :heart:
  11. OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM ALL! :cloud9:
  12. That's a lot of MJ bags/wallets in one month!!!! Congrats!
  13. Absolutely gorgeous and congratulations!!! I love them all and like you, for different reasons! How are you liking the Cooper? It is so cute!!!
  14. Thanks, all, I love them all!

    My birthday is in June so these are all early presents to myself... :smile: I don't normally buy this crazy lol. :p

    I love, love, love the Cooper. I have been drooling over it since last year. Crossbodies are my favorite right now and quilted anything is perfection (to me) so it was love at first sight. :love: It's pretty big, I can fit my LZW in there. I wish it held my iPad, too, but that would make it huge!
  15. Such gorgeous purchases! Loving the blue bag and the quilted wallet - you chose well!