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  1. Hi MJ lovers! we start a new purchases thread each month (or 2 months) over in the Rebecca Minkoff Subforum where everyone shares their new purchases for that month(s)! Thought it'd be a great idea on here as well since i often have a hard time keeping up with reveals of all the gorgeous new MJ's and MBMJ's on here - this way everyone can see what gorgeous new bags u bought and not miss any of them!! :biggrin:

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    I've bought quite a few new things recently!


    Too Hot to Handle Hobo in black w/silver hardware
    Eazy iPad Case
    Pretty Nylon Make up pouch
    Stardust Universal Case
    Preppy Nylon Camera Bag
    Pretty Nylon Pink pouch (this isn't new, I don't know why it's in the photo. Ditto my keys!)
    Eazy Key Pouch
    Eazy Zip-Around Wallet
    MBMJ Train Case (this is not new, but it's new to me)

  3. oh my!! great purchases fifi!! :woohoo:
  4. btw, just got my first MBMJ in the mail yesterday.... PICS TO COME!!! :woot:
  5. Amazing collection! I love the hobo so much.

    I will do mine in a few weeks once what I bought ships out ;)
  6. Congrats on your first MBMJ I can't wait to see pics!!
  7. she's here!!!

    MBMJ cream groovee with brushed silver (pewter) hardware and cotton floral lining!!! :woot: i love love love this combo!!!
    IMG_0011.jpg IMG_0002.jpg IMG_0008.jpg IMG_0009.jpg IMG_0007.jpg
  8. i love MJ leather.... smooshy and buttery!! and now... mod shots!! please excuse the PJ's!! :p

    the end. thanks for letting me share!! i'm sooo excited to start carrying her!
    IMG_0004.jpg IMG_0005.jpg IMG_0006.jpg IMG_0013.jpg
  9. so cute!! congrats on all of your new purchases! :woohoo:
  10. cee, I love it! Love the color, love the shape on you, looove the lining, so perfect!! :love: I want a Groovee too!
  11. Wow, it looks great on you! I love the combo too and that lining is so so pretty!!!! Congrats again!!
  12. thanks girl!! :ghi5: you're too sweet! this bag was my first MBMJ crush and now i finally have one in my handbag collection! one is all u need (right?) :p u should totally get one too!! hehe it's such a classic shape. i think this is one of the earlier editions since it has the brushed silver hw and cotton lining. the newer versions have a nylon lining with the all-over MBMJ print and the cream color only comes with light gold (from doing my MBMJ research lol - i'm such a nerdo when it comes to bags!! haha)
  13. thanks tc!! :biggrin:

    aww thanks preppy!! :hugs: she's in amazing condition too! got her from a wonderful fellow tPF'er :biggrin:
  14. Just bought my very first designer handbag on my own (technically the first was a Cole Haan tote, gift from Mom for bday). I was recently accepted to grad school after a very difficult year and got a $100 a week raise at work, PLUS there was the Shopbop sale. So I thought it was the perfect time to purchase it. I've wanted it for over 2 years and its a classic that will never go out of style :biggrin:. Can't wait for it to arrive!
  15. I totally cheated on Rebecca today, wink wink! My first true love is Marc though. Found this beauty today at Nordie's sale for $195 vs. $368 regular! I love the vibrant pop of color, which really is more of a bright Kelly green irl (color = fresh grass). This pic looks more like the new parrot green. This makes a total of 4 bags now from MBMJ for me, woohoo!