MAY & JUNE 2012 - post your new additions here !!!

  1. Well, halloooo yummy leather!
    That looks delicious
    Many congrats and enjoy using it.
  2. Vert poker!
  3. Looking fab! :yes:
  4. The leather on your velo is divine......Great buy.
  5. woah!!!!! that leather is :woot::woot::woot:
  6. Totally in love!
  7. Amazing leather!!
  8. Can I have a bit of it?! The leather is insane! ❤❤❤Congrats! 😃
  9. Oooooooh baby!!; that leather is the B-O-M-B!!!
  10. Gorgeous sexiness!!! Is this a 2011 Velo?! The leather is unbelievable!! ❤

  11. Hi everyone! I am pretty new to B. I only bought my first B early this year. I am onto my second. I could not resist when I saw the color online.

    Presenting my City in gris poivre. Sorry abt the hw names. I am still not good with identifying them. :smile:

  12. Here's mine... Bordeaux Giant Porte Monnaie... :smile:


  13. Yes! It's a 2011 Velo! Can't agree more that the leather is amazing! :biggrin:

  14. Beautiful!
  15. Gorgeous!