MAY & JUNE 2012 - post your new additions here !!!

  1. These are rare, aren't they? It's the first time I'm seeing croc TTs.
  2. :heart: so pretty!!
  3. My Giant Velo in Dark knight. I am so tempted to get a Giant Brogues now.
    IMG_20120615_093525 SMALLER.jpg
  4. omg SO gorgeous! I am so in love with this colour. If I can ever save up for a new Balenciaga it would be for this colour :smile:
  5. Gorgeous bracelets
  6. OMG!!! This is one of my major regret sales; I used to have the VF GGH .. :crybaby:!! Congrats on this beauty!!!

  7. yum, yum .. Yum!!!
  8. OOOOOH .. these are GORGEOUS!!! Love them! :loveeyes:
  9. Thanks ladies, I'm loving her.
    But I stand corrected, it's an 05 Choclate, not 07.
  10. Gorgeous!!! Live them, especially the pink one.. Congrats...

    Thanks dear.. This is my first chevre and i want more..... :biggrin::biggrin:
  11. Awww I hope you feel better. On the brighter note your arm is looking very chic ;)